Roger Cooper – another model from Belami Online with a porn past (tip @ Tomas)

Belami Online, who had a dislike with models with a porn past, has been introducing more models with a porn past like Hudson King, Ethan Beckett, Lennon Riley, Drew Johnson, Jonas Miller, Oliver Newman and Evan Ramsey.

Now, add Roger Cooper to that list.

Dreamy Roger Cooper is in front of Luke's camera today for his casting. Although Roger looks like he may be 18 or 19, he is in fact 25 (the chest hair will give it away a little later). Roger works as a warehouse manager and before that as a mason. He is a little shy and very unassuming, and even thinks that his dick is too small (although we totally disagree) but in the end he seems to enjoy putting on a show for us today.

At William Higgins, Roger Cooper was introduced in 2017 as the 27 years old Ivan Baranek.

If Belami Online & William Higgins did not lie about his age, Roger filmed for Belami Online in 2015.

6 thoughts on “Roger Cooper – another model from Belami Online with a porn past (tip @ Tomas)

  1. Or, if William Higgins told the truth and his Belami scene was filmed four years later, he’s in his 30s! Whatever his age, the chest hair is sexy–and his dick is the perfect mouthful.

  2. I think BA is raiding their well-known archives of unreleased casting solos of guys who never went further.

  3. I usually like most things “Belami” but this guy just looks very run of the mill average.
    Not worthy of the Belami stable…..

  4. I must wonder what Bel Ami does to its models, who look mostly spectacular when they work for the studio, whereas they often look pretty ordinary or even ugly (Jack Harrer, anyone?) elsewhere. It is fantastic makeup artists, more vaseline on the lens or very talented Photoshop artists?

    This guy looks adorable in the stills taken by Bel Ami, but very blah in the William Higgins ones – porn really seems to be a matter of smoke and mirrors!

  5. There are only two BelAmi models that have ever caught my eye and interest: Lukas Ridgestone (sp) and Johan Paulik.
    I’ve read in several places that just like American gay porn studios, a good amount of BelAmi’s models are str8.
    As for William Higgins, unless there are two studios with the same name, I have a video with that studio name with American porn actors in it.

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