Steve Cruz, Ricky Larkin & Cliff Jensen

A tweet from Steve Cruz about an aspiring model who turned down a scene due to the color of the skin of his scene partner got a handful of response from gay porn stars.

A deleted tweet from Ricky Larkin on performers looking for work without a cleared test result.

If you miss Cliff Jensen, he filmed a scene with Jesse Stone.

31 thoughts on “Steve Cruz, Ricky Larkin & Cliff Jensen

  1. Not for one day did I miss Jensen, but since Jesse will most likely be bottoming if it’s not a straight or trans scene, then I’ll probably watch it for him.

    As for Steve Cruz, name and shame!

  2. I heard that studios preferred G4P guys because they were macho on screen and did everything, whereas Gay performers were Divas. My guess is, this is a RealGay. Who else would be a Queen in a damn porn movie.

  3. Cliff Jensen is legend and I look forward to all his scenes. I don’t know Jesse Stone but he looks like the kind of fuck toy Cliff likes to really plow so this should be pretty hot!

  4. Is this is a shock? I actually think the white model choice is his decision. This is a tricky subject because people say they want to watch porn where models are actually sexually attracted to each other. Should a white model do a scene with a brown guy he isn’t into? Also the flip side look at all the men of color who work exclusively or mostly with white guys. Jason Vario, Adrian Hart, Rocky Vallarta, Trent King, Zario Travezz, Micah Martinez, Parker Payne and Max Konnor. No one gets upset when Jason Vario and Trent King works just about all their videos are with white men.

    1. I agree with you Andy. And in today’s politically correct world I am sure we both catch plenty of hate for it. Even people who may agree will pretend not to because well everyone needs to look “proper” for the facebook/twitter/instagram feed… Just look at the names of guys who leaped on this band wagon just to look good.
      But it is simple.
      IF a guy (white or brown or whatever) is not attracted to the other sex partner, he is just not attracted. the scene will suffer and his work and future jobs be effected. People are attracted to women, men, fat, skinny, tall, short, and YES – white or brown or whatever. As gay men we all know that WE DO NOT CHOOSE WHAT WE ARE ATTRACTED TO. Right? The people who give us shit for “choosing to be gay” think exactly like this. WE DO NOT CHOOSE IT, we are or are not attracted to whatever it is.. So if I am not attracted to say, an Asian guy and always go home from the bar with non Asians to have sex with, am I now a racist? NO, I just don’t get hard for him. It does not mean I can not be friends with or like the person as a friend. And, it is nobody’s fault.
      Lighten up people…….. Everything is not a “cause”

      1. Exactly one issue gay men of color are hypocritical about are THEIR sexual preferences. It is well known in gay porn many black models preferences are white. Jason Vario and Trent King are both married to white men. Jason Zhu cried about racism at Noir Male yet this guy worked for Blacks on Boys a fetid site. Jason also only dates white and works mostly with white men. Pheonix Fellington another black model his boyfriend is white. Max Konnor prefers white men his boyfriend I think is white. If anything the white men in porn are actually more open minded. You see white guys like Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, IssacX, Cole Connor, Chris Damned, and more work with black men and other men of colour. This is the issue no one wants to talk about for many gay men of color their preference is white. The men oy color who are into other men of color work predominantly in urban porn.

      2. I swear you gay whites are so pathetic. I mean really I can’t wait for the Proud Boys and the Nazi take yall down. I’m as Liberal as they come but I would more than welcome them giving you the same treatment yall put out.

        1. I don’t think people should be MEAN spirited when they reject someone. Everyone knows plenty of men of color in porn prefer white men. They see that working with white men raises their profile gives them more attention. Look at Rhyheim he didn’t blow up get popular UNTIL he started working with white men.white models like Dalton Riley he doesn’t work with black men. Yet Justin the Jock he is white and he has made only fans videos with Adrian Hart and Rhyheim Shabazz. There are a plethora of non white models like Trent King and Jason Vario their preference is white on camera and off. Trent King husband Beau Reed is white. All I am pointing out is the hypocrisy of some gay men of color. There are men of color like Papi Sauve he is Latino and he works mostly with black men that is his preference. Jacen Zhu preference is white and so is Max Konnor and plenty other men of color. They prefer white to work with in porn and in their personal life. Yet they get mad when a white model prefers white too. The good news for models of color in porn is some white models are attracted to men of color. Yet I rarely see models of color who prefer other models of color. Those men tend to only work in urban porn.

          1. Be careful Andy. I am sure that Moron “warrior” has no idea what the word “Plethora” means … try and dumb it down for him or he will go back to his coloring book and sulk…

          2. The models race wasnt stated(though lets be real he most likely was white) that being said, not wanting to work with a brown skinned guy because its not his brand….this is what your fine defending? I dont know why your bringing up black men so much, since this guys words means he only wants other white guys cause he thinks it’ll get him the most money.

            Yes there are a lot of black men that prefer white men/women, heres the thing, these guys are constantly getting DRAGGED over it, you cant look at the comment section of a post with Max Konnor in it and not see several comments talking about they cant stand him because of his preference and its not just the preference but the behavior that comes with it. Sticking with Max, theres video of him letting some model call him a N**ger and he was fine with it, no we black people are not ok with that.

            Having a preference for something doesnt mean excluding everything else or using it to be racist and problematic. Also that wanting to see models that are attracted to each other comment falls very flat, considering how prevelent g4p models our, who people know full well arent attracted to their scene partners but are still booking scenes.

            Yes there should be some consideration for if a model doesnt want to work with another, but race should never be the damn reason.

            Also a lot of black models work mostly for ” urban ” sites because a lot of the time those are the only sites that will hire them or give them exposure. Your clearly white so I dont know why your speaking on black men so damn much except to express your own racist/fetishizing

            1. Actually that’s what a preference means you prefer something over something else. You ignore my point that MANY men of color in porn prefer white on camera and off. Look at Boomer Banks the Latino model the vast majority of his videos are with white men. His boyfriends off camera are white that’s his preference. So why aren’t people upset about that? Here is a man of color who is pretty clear he prefers white men. Yet if a white model says he also prefers white he gets dragged. Porn is fantasy but there is some reality to it. You can tell watching a video and seeing when a model is attracted to another model or not. It is clear. I don’t see people getting mad about Parker Payne a black model who works exclusively with white men that is what Parker prefers white.

              1. Uh because often time when a white person says their not attracted to poc its for racist reasons? Not always of course but more often then not. Boomer Banks has gotten dragged for working with mostly white as have a lot of black models that mostly have sex with white models, it actually is a problem in the black community.

                I prefer birthday cake flavored ice cream but I wouldnt turn away other flavors of ice cream, just cause you prefer something doesnt mean excluding everything else, especially when it comes to your interactions with people.

                You keep bringing up the thing about telling if models arent into each other, not all models are super into their scene partners. G4P certainly sees to that or any other non racial based reasons.

  5. Is Cliff’s hair so bad he’s forced to shave his head? Wow!

    I was reading folks liking Jesse Stone’s “squeals” getting pounded…just because you’re taking dick like a woman doesn’t mean you need to sound like a woman.

  6. Jesse Stone needs to shave his head too. Bad hair.

    I’m conflicted with Cruzs’ post. It’s uncool for him, as a producer, to post something like this online about a performer. On one hand, when talking to a producer, you should be able to be candid about what you’ll do, and be selective so that you don’t become overexposed and boring like Pierce Paris or Auston Wolf. If someone wants to “manage their brand,” then that’s a notch above what most performers do. On the other hand, just decline the role and don’t go into the details about the niche you prefer.

    1. Steve has WAY too many problems to be on social media. It’s not healthy for him. The adult industry as a whole hasn’t been healthy for him and he’s been suffering from depression and mental illness for years.

  7. All the white gays on this thread voted for Trump along with all of the other racists. BTW your racism is being attracted only to white men, as opposed to not be attracted to a particular black or white model. And arguing that a black model “prefers” white men because he is married to a white man is really fucked up. He fell in love with that specific white guy. That doesn’t mean he is only attracted to white men. That is how racists think BTW. You outed yourself with your argument.

    1. I find it interesting that in a blog that is trying to understand whether this action was racist or not “trex” lumps in all white gays who voted for Trump as racists. Now Trump was a douche of a person, but doesn’t trex just make it worse? Ok you have no, and i mean NO idea of what gay whites must be like if you just throw the RACIST card at an entire group, which is, of course, MASSIVELY RACIST. Let’s do an audit of your entire adult life and we’ll see if you pass the non discrimination, non racist, perfect human being in all of your actions. No way you will. What a tool you must be.

    2. You can’t force someone to be sexually attracted to someone else. People are hypocritical here. People complain they want to see porn where models are attracted to each other. You can’t force a white guy like Johnny Rapid to make a video with black men. He isn’t into black guys that’s obvious. You can’t control sexual attraction. My comment is about the hypocrisy of some gay men of color in porn. I am talking about Max Konnor all he does is cry and bitch about white men on Twitter. Yet you look at Max porn career the vast majority of his videos are with white men. Like I said the white models who work with men of color are the open minded ones. Dante Colle, Michael Del Ray, Pierce Paris, IssacX, Devin Franco, Cole Connor, Dakota Payne, they don’t have to work with men of color they choose to.

      1. Who is forcing people to be attracted to what there not? Honestly think the wanting models to be attracted to each other is more about g4p guys but go off. Johnny Rapid is into underage asian girls so I dont think people care if he likes black guys or not. Your really trying to beat the drum of white guys being more open minded then black guys arent you? Its very telling and not giving what you think it is.

        The fact that all those white guys you keep listing(a number of them get dragged on this site a lot for not being real gays and what not) are down to work with black models is neat but how is this tying into black models that wanna work with white models?

        1. Yet you continue to make excuses for Black models. I gave clear examples of black models who PREFER white men. So why do minorities get upset when some white men say they are only into other white men? That’s what I don’t understand. The majority of men of color in porn aren’t open minded they rarely work with other minorities. Rocky Vallarta and Boomer Banks they sleep with white men on and off camera. So why do minorities get upset when a white model like Dalton Riley prefers only other white men?

          1. Are you not paying attention? People are upset about guys like Boomer Banks and Rocky Vallarta( who I think is problematic, I could be wrong) I’m gonna assume you havent personally seen these guys get flack for their preferences, but they do indeed

            1. Okay but why do you care when white men have preferences? That is what I don’t understand. It isn’t always from a place of racism when a white model isn’t into minorities. Dalton Riley and Trenton Ducati don’t do videos with black men. But Trenton owns a porn studio and he DOES hire black men. Trenton as a business man has no issue hiring black models to do videos with white men. He knows there is a market for it. That’s just good business. Now if Trenton refused to hire any black models for his porn company then I can see an argument for racism. But Trenton hasn’t done that he has worked with black models hiring them for his videos.

    3. Are you serious? Look at Trent King and Jason Vario porn careers! These black men work almost exclusive with white men for years. Both are married to white men. You are ignoring the hypocrisy of black gay men in porn. They prefer white to work with in porn and their personal life. These black gay models have the preference for white. Don’t you see the contradiction. They get upset if white models say no to working with black men. YET they have the same preference they PREFER white.

      1. Nobody is ignoring anything, the hypocritical black men you seem to hate get dragged all the time but it happens mostly in black spaces so you wouldn’t know

  8. These models are entitled to have their “preferences” but what they are not entitled to is jobs, money, followers, or attention.

  9. I really missed Cliff. He’s G4P but he’s a good power top. I really hope Next Door Studios or Cocky Boys sign him up as an exclusive.

  10. This Tweet of Steve Cruz and the reactions to it caused great controversy. I didn’t think it was cool Bruce Beckham to suggest to identify the model. Pornstars are so vocal about not doxing things! They complain so much and feel offended if their real names are revealed, they don’t accept that the status is revealed, in short, so many things… Why does this specific model have to be doxed? To me, this sounds like selective militancy: they are adamant it should not be done with them, but they are in favor of it being done with specific people. If the model is doxed, then they will also have to dox real names of all Pornstars, their criminal past (which many hide because there are terrible things), status and other informations. If the rule applies to one, the rule must apply to everyone, otherwise it is unfair. Same for Josh Moore´s comment. About black actors, another polemic. Yes, there are black actors who work massively with whites. There are even some who work with fetish of black men being aggressive Tops towards submissive white bottoms, which, in my opinion, only reinforces stereotypes that work against blacks (that all blacks must have huge penises and be aggressive Tops). I have even come across the report of a black man complaining he is not obliged to be Top with big penis because he is tall and black, something I agree with. The issue of stereotypes is reality and there is no point in denying it. Gay men of any race are not obligated to be anything for any reason. I agree with Pavel Ford when he says we don’t choose who we’re attracted to. We gays should have learned that lesson decades ago. It’s past time. Just because I have male genitalia am I forced to have sex with a woman? Why should I have sex with women if women don’t attract me? If I’m attracted to Asians, does that mean I’m against blacks and whites? Everyone wants and can have preferences. But that’s where other questions come in. If I’m short and complain about prejudice, why I work massively with non-shorts? So I agree with Andy and Pavel Ford’s position. It is okay for blacks to prefer to work and love massively whites. I just don’t exactly understand the complaint of certain POC actors against white actors if they also prefer to work massively with whites. The issue is much more complex. On the other hand, I was upset by Trex’s comment that “all the white gays on this thread voted for Trump”. So because a man is white, did he automatically vote for Trump? And if the person voted for Trump, what’s the problem? Isn’t what democracy is about? People vote for whoever they want, love whoever they want, work with whomever they want. I just don’t think it’s cool to be posing as victim, complaining about colleagues if the person does exactly the same thing that reproaches the colleagues. As gay man I am, instead of pulling out my victim card and complaining about prejudice against gays (which exists and is real), I prefer to give preference to other gays in terms of work, try to keep my friendships with other gays and act more and talk less.

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