Falcon Studios listed 3 scenes of Colton Ford on their site released in 2003 & 2004.

Colton joined Twitter last April 2021.

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  1. He was always a beautiful man, and he is still gorgeous; it’s remarkable how well he has aged.

    By the way, his voice is surprisingly pleasant for a mostly dance-oriented artist… And yes, I am clearly a fan who refuses to be objective.

    1. I was a HUGE fan of his too. I was envious of Blake Harper who was in a relationship with him (and also Jason Branch! Lucky bastard!)

      I’d probably still visit Coltonville today.

  2. In porn for nearly 20 years. That’s a rarity, but it seems like everyone is aiming for that. They love the lifestyle too much to give up. To these porn models, this is only second to being a millionaire. Never take their complaints seriously regarding their lives and “careers”.

  3. I wish he’d kept his hand in and did the occasional something. He’s still gorgeous, was great in porn and a tragic loss when he left.

  4. Colton is full of shit. He’s another “gay” male who wants to dive down the pussy bandwagon.

    Just in late August he tweets about wanting to shoot porn but with an artistic twist. The kicker is that he thinks it would be absolutely cool to do it with a woman. The tweet from the 22nd is of him with a black male promoting sex for his OF. Someone replies telling him that they would love to see him do this with a female and his response…

    “ I love women, and even though I am 100% gay (and love being so), shooting something like that could be cool. Especially being styled right.”. Ugh we’ve got another one.

    And even though… it’s that simple three word phrase that’s the problem that alienates truly gay homosexual men in todays society. Sounds like the fucked up version of a Maybeline commercial for gayness. “Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s a choice.”

    1. You’ve just broken the illusion for me and thank you for doing that. It’s 2021 and porn isn’t blind…I can’t just see someone and appreciate their beauty. I need to know that I’m not looking at a paedophile, a wife-beater or someone who I can’t and refuse to respect.

      I’m seriously struggling to think of a single porn star who is the combination of beauty, great scene performance and not a complete sicko in the real world, but the search continues!

      1. I know. Sorry to mess you up but I stumbled across this in Twitter and I had to share. I follow and enjoy Dante Martin. He’s got the body of something stellar, he’s very fan friendly, he’s not dealing with any pending charges, he’s gay and I mean 100% gay and he’s a helluva great performer on screen and on his fans site. I thoroughly enjoy him.

    2. Wow, I didn’t know that!

      I guess that in a market that is completely saturated (or very close to saturation), these sorts of gimmicks and ridiculous games are necessary in order to stand out momentarily from the crowd of people who are working on OF/JFF and the other myriad of direct-to-customer porn platforms.

      It is dissappointing but, alas, I guess that there are many more creepy bisexual men and mentally unstable women obsessed with turning gay men straight, than we could have ever imagined – I don’t think that this phenomenon would have become so prevalent, if there weren’t a market for it… Still, I am yet to find someone who doesn’t find this bizarre at best, and repulsive at worst.

      1. There’s also the possibility that he’s just virtue signaling and baiting people.

        If this is better or worse I’ll leave for the reader to decide, but on either case, this is still a huge disrespect to his gay following.

    3. What is WRONG with you? Why would you be so hateful just because someone wants to experiment sexually?

      1. Why is this whole “experimenting” thing is only ever brought up to erase homosexuality?

        Now I know how lesbians must feel with all of the ~fluid~ “bisexual” college women who after they graduate simple drop the act and settle down with men.

        For these people same-sex relationships are either a fetish or a device to get attention on their ultra-liberal bubbles.

        1. Seriously, step off your soap box. The guy is in his 60s and has been gay his entire life. There’s little to no chance of him “erasing his homosexuality” by playing around with a woman. And if he suddenly becomes straight after diving into the roast beef, more power to him.

          1. I didn’t focus specifically on him when I made my comment, but on a disturbing little trend people here already pointed out multiple times: the obsession some have, specifically within the woque, in wanting gay men to fuck women.

            This specific obsession is reaching fetish levels with the sheer amount of times it gets brought up. Not only is this shit stupid, but also homophobic as shit, and just goes to show how the boundaries of gay men aren’t being respected.

            But then again, who cares about homophobia and gay men nowadays? It’s not like gay rights advocacy is not profitable anymore, so to the bin it goes!

            Now, what do I think about Colton Ford’s statement? As I said in another comment, there’s a reasonable chance this is all virtue signaling which will go nowhere, like happens with straight actors who say they’ll play a gay character only to never do so.

    4. Colton Ford is gay and proudly so. I subscribe to his OF and in between the beefcake and theatrics he talks about the gay experience and specifically his gay experience like accepting himself, coming out to friends and family and aging as a gay man. His emotional honesty is sexy. But he’s also an artist who would have sex with a woman for the art of it and still be strictly dickly. Now I see why bi people feel erased from the sexual pool and conversation. But Colton is gay, his music is gay, his porn was gay and one or multiple scenes with a woman doesn’t change that and implying that it does is simply ignorant.

      1. Everything about your response is exactly what’s fucked up about the situation and quite frankly shows the ignorance in the whole situation.

        You claim.. that from his OF you can see he’s gay, his past is gay, his music is gay, his art is gay. Well if he’s so damn gay then he knows the stipulations, manipulations, and the stigma that comes in our lives as homosexual men.

        We hear from naysayers that being gay is wrong, it’s a sin, it’s gross and the biggest one of all is that it’s a choice.

        We’re also told nowadays that our sexuality isn’t just one thing or another. We’re told that everyone is fluid and our realm of porn and sexuality is flooded with everything and everyone who is anything but gay.

        Now if Colton is gayer than thou, he wouldn’t fathom the idea of sleeping with women for art or fun. Why??… because it validates exactly what we’re trying to stop. That would be the rhetoric that our homosexuality is nothing more than phases and choices. That it’s okay to jump in the sack with women and still wave our rainbow flags high in the sky and call ourselves gay. No ma’am. He’s not being a pioneer in the right way. He’s doing more damage than good. If that’s what he considers “art” then he can keep his creations.

        Pretty shitty when you think about it deeper.

        1. Our disagreement seems to be that you are defining how others are allowed to define themselves while I believe only one can define oneself. Apparently if someone doesn’t check off every one of your “stipulations, manipulations, and stigmas” you have established as being the proper lifestyle of a homosexual man then that renders that man’s self-identified sexuality moot contrary to to his own proclamation. I’m gay and if someone says I’m straight that doesn’t make it so, even if they catch me fucking a woman. I say I’m gay therefore I am. Case closed. Because I know who I am and I don’t see why you and your arbitrary, conservative and fascist “stipulations, manipulations, and stigmas” get to define me or how I choose to define myself. And p!ease don’t forget you’re trying to cancel someone who only said he might do something. Hasn’t done it, hasn’t done anything but not only are you saying just for considering having some sort of sexual contact with a woman to satisfy his own artistic ambitions that his well documented homosexual art, sex and activism isn’t worthy of consideration but then you go further to deny him his own autonomy because he doesn’t fulfill your expectations. That’s some Minority Report level of idiocy. Colton Ford is legend and has/continues to do more for the LGTBQ+ than you ever have or ever will. Get over yourself.

          1. I love how woques, who never lived though historical fascism or had any contact with it, love to flaunt the word around as a simple buzzword.

            I wonder what holocaust survivors, including the gay men amongst them*, think of this…

            *yes, it might be hard to believe considering how “privileged” the woques paint gay men to be, but they were one of the main demographics targeted by the nazi-fascist regime.

            1. I am a black gay man living in Americuh. So shut the fuck up. But if you really want to go there: let’s do it. Your move.

              1. And I’m a mixed-race person who lives in Brazil, so yeah…

                Still, I do not find myself in the position of comparing my current position to someone who died in the fucking holocaust, so what do I know?

                This doesn’t sound disrespectful and tone deaf at all, nope!

                I knew some Americans were narcs, but jezz!

          2. Yass hunny you better defend Colton as if you’ll ever be with him.

            Let me inform you of something… I’m doing a helluva lot more living as a true genuine homosexual defending the label of gay more than any “gay” guy who wants to fuck a chick for art. Period. Any man who is a proud gay and not budging in their homosexuality is doing a helluva lot more than him.

            You defending damaging acts against our type is who’s doing the harm but like I figure, he must be living some fantasy that you probably want to fulfill too.

            I’m guessing you’ve never been hit, kicked and spat on simply because you were young and liked boys. You weren’t taunted because you were the single one who didn’t like girls. You weren’t one of the ones who was subjected to religious prosecution and conversion tactics. I’ve been there and many who disagree with you have been there too.

            So for some weirdo to want to sleep with a woman for fun and art while proclaiming to be one of us, is pathetic and even worse are the ones who excuse that behavior. Now I’m done with you.

            1. Yes I have “been hit, kicked and spat on” because I’m gay and even worse things because I’m black. And so has Colton as being an openly gay man for decades. Most minorities have, but once again you are defining what it is to be a homosexual man instead of that man choosing how to define himself. What gives you the right? Who gave you the 10 Commandments of Male Homosexuality? Who do you think you are? Just because someone hasn’t been “hit, kicked and spat on” doesn’t mean they can’t call themselves gay, just like suffering “stipulations, manipulations and stigmas” doesn’t automatically make one gay. How did you even come up with this kind of thinking?

              And yes I’m defending Colton, but not because I want to sleep with (though I wouldn’t kick him out of bed) but because I’ve listened to him speak to his life experience as a gay man, I’ve listened to his music and your assessment saying that he would have sex with a woman nullifies his own self identity as a homosexual man and all his achievements in/for the gay community is not only sad (and says more about you than it does about him) but is fundamentally false. You do not have the right to tell anyone who or what they are. And because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I have a secret desire to have sex with women. Been there, done that and I haven’t looked back since. But if I were paid to? Maybe. Doesn’t make me heterosexual all of the sudden. Would I sleep with a female friend who wanted a baby? Probably. Doesn’t make me straight. Sexuality can be fluid and I hope most people get to choose who they sleep with but to judge someone and cast them out because they considered doing something you don’t approve of, well again I ask: what gives you the right? Who are you?

        2. You know, speaking as a gay man of 48, I think you are coming off unnecessarily bitchy. Why does anything he says or does matter to you? Are you 2 friends? Clearly not. You aggressively self-righteous gays are as gross as the Instagays. He has a life he is settled in & seems content. Who are you or any of us to make c*nty judgements about what he is doing. Instead of mudslinging his life, why don’t you go live your own?

          1. The response I had to the other guy is the same I give to you. I’m sure you’re a Colton fan and have fantasized him for years and can’t help but ride his rollercoaster. If so, I’m not mad at you. I was the same before reading his tweets and digging a little more.

            I’m not coming off bitchy. Not my intent but I’m coming off tired as hell of this same situation. If we’re not dealing with str8 men leaking into out realm and taking up our content while degrading us, we’re dealing with questionable guys like Colton doing stunts like this which gives ammunition to the whole gay is a choice propaganda.

            It’s gay erasure in the smallest form and it’s ridiculous. I mean at 48 (which is still young) you should be tired of it too. You know the struggles and the naysayers.

            You’re absolutely right he can do whatever and the hell he pleases. Hope he has a fun time but my disdain and speaking up against his choices doesn’t stop him but his statements are pure proof.

            I know he’ll damn sure will promote it and throw it on his OF just for the gays to open that wallet. Truly sad.

  5. Let’s not forget about Naked Fame, the documentary about his transition from porn to music. It was pretty cringe.

  6. I met him in NYC when his documentary premiered back sometime around… 2004? 2005?. He was super sweet and easy to talk to. I was with my boyfriend, now husband, so I had to keep my cool. I couldn’t let on how much I wanted to jump him!

  7. I read all the comments and agree with Cherrystick. I really throw up at this cheap talk that we all have “fluid sexuality” and that gay men should try to have sex with women. This speech by him was a punch in our entire struggle to be respected, another one that did a disservice to gays as Rocco Steele did when he went out trumpeting the revealing experience for HIM of having sex with a woman. This kind of speech should be vehemently banned from Gay Porn because it is an erasure of gay sexuality. Yes, exactly this: erasure of gay sexuality. I also agree with IDK, about this stupid obsession of gay men having sex with women, as if the woman was going to “save” the gay man. It’s really a mockery to the gay community and a thought that is not only backward and rather dumb, but also prejudiced and harmful, which must be fully opposed. It was good to know because I was able to eliminate totally my interest in his content as a singer and especially as Gay Pornstar, as he definitely does not represent the interests, feelings and thoughts of the gay community.

    1. That Rocco Steele situation was fucking pathetic. If you want to have sex with the trans community or with women that’s fine and that’s up to you but don’t start telling other gay men that it was the highlight of your life, that you never wanted to pull out, that you feel complete and that all gay men should try fucking vagina. That shit is absolutely bananas. Especially for the fact that in previous interviews he himself talks about how people were against him being gay back in his hometown. Thyle Knoxx is another one and the list goes on and on.

      These “gay” guys who defend them are even worse in my opinion. They either have some sick sexual fantasy as if they’ll ever be able to hook up with these guys or they’re just like them and don’t want to come to the conclusion that they’re anything but gay. They’ll defend these idiots to the end of time. Hell if you’re bisexual or transsexual, own that shit and rep your true self but don’t try to hide behind the gay label to continue to gain your clout. If we don’t label ourselves, how in the hell are we going to represent that demographic in the community. Just get rid of LGBTQ+ and just label us F for fluid. It’s not gonna work.

      We fought for the gay label and nowadays the same weirdos that taunted us for using the label wants to perform gay acts and loose the label in the process. Makes it easy for them when we have weirdos like Colton, Rocco, Thyle, Arad etc… who are doing their best to demonstrate acts that erase the label too.

      1. This whole Rocco Steele thing sounds to me like virtue signaling, specially if it was a post-scene affair, as on those they make even g4ps enunciate how good gay sex is even though they later go to say they hated it.

        But either way, it was still pretty tone deaf and disrespectful to actual gay men for him to do this shite.

        But on this topic, I never understood why so many pornstars treat him as this porn god he clearly isn’t. Did the guy even suck dick on any of his scenes? I don’t even remember…

        1. Not that I can remember. There’s a lot of guys who gays hold as porn Gods which aren’t deserving. I know ones will be mad but I think Cade Maddox is one of those types.

          1. @Cherrystick, thanks for sticking up for actual gay men. There are many of us who are sick of this shit.

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