Zak Bishop, Fernando & Bruce Harrelson

Neck Tattoos

Zack Bishop tattooed his neck [then & now] early this year & there will be more tattoos to come.

Shed A Few Pounds

A leaner Fernando (aka Chad Savage) in his latest scene at Beefcake Hunter.

He Is Now With Belami Online

In a post on Bobby Orel of William Higgins, who is now doing live cam shows as Bruce Harrelson, it was mentioned in the comment section by Eric from Sweden that he could be part of the Croatian Road Trip of Belami Online. I just noticed that his Flirt 4 Free profile was listed under the Belami Online category. So, it’s his name for the studio – soon in a few years to be introduced.

6 thoughts on “Zak Bishop, Fernando & Bruce Harrelson

  1. Fernando is hot.
    Zak Bishop – it’s more of a market demand. When you look at gay blog sites, you see a lot of people complain about tats. So it’s more of your industry responding to the market feedback. Am not saying tattooed guys shouldn’t be hired, but businesses need to make money in order to pay their models. There are niche sites that you can go to, like RFC, they feature predominantly tatted models.

  2. Dark ages? It’s simple, the tattoos make you look like shit. Subs to these sites don’t want to look at that mess.

  3. People are free to cover their bodies with as much ink as they chose. Other people are free to find models with tats attractive or not. If people don’t find models with tats attractive, they are free to spend their money on porn that doesn’t feature tatted models.

  4. I really cannot add anything to these posts above me. I agree completely. One or 2 ok, all over the neck and now, face… NO.
    By the way… IF I was naturally as attractive as Zak Bishop is, why would I want to go and fuck it all up? Must be some deep psychic self hating shit going on?

  5. I prefer the before Fernando. While the after looks good, put two attractive guys side by side, one with the before body type and one with the after…………I’d go for the before every time!

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