10 thoughts on “Adam Wolfe

  1. Is this just a name thing, or is that REALLY the same guy? I always wonder what happens to people during the intervals between porn…18-years is a LONG time.

  2. The first Adam was one of the first to jump into mainstream videos from Active Duty where his scenes were classic. Along the way he met Sean Cody escapee (Rudy) who also became one of SC’s models to move into mainstream as Rob Anthony. They apparently met on the set of “2nd Gear” in 2002 in an orgy scene where Adam was joined by his lover at the time, Brad McGuire. It was then very reliably reported that Adam and Rob had become boyfriends and their relationship seemed to have lasted quite some time, though I’m not sure whatever happened to either of them.

  3. Yes, he ate Brad McGuire in AD’s “Just Doin’ It” and more importantly he ate AD’s most popular boy at the time, Zack, in AD’s “Sgt Suck’em.”

    1. If you don’t have a sub to BA you should get one. Those guys eat each others cum like it’s some kind of health food and looking at their bodies maybe it is.

  4. Adam had one of those intense stares. When he sucked your cock or fucked you – you were the only guy he was doing. It’s great to see him happy healthy and doing the things he likes to do.

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