Brett Mycles, Spencer Quest, Chase Hunter, Brad Star, Roman Ragazzi, Chance Caldwell, Kane O’Farrell, Tommy Saxx, Mark Dalton & Brodie Sinclair (Jan. to June 2007)

Brett Mycles passed away.

From a deleted Forum

He was born December 2, 1977. In a 2005 interview, he said that he recently married his high school sweetheart who he first met when he was 19 and she was 17.

At 22, while in Ohio, he entered an Arnold Classic bodybuilding contest where he was spotted by photographer Irvin Gelb.

In addition to being a adult star he is also a pre-law student, wrestler, fitness model, and personal trainer.

Spencer Quest announced his retirement.

photo @ Lucas Entertainment
From his deleted Yahoo Group

Yes, it's my retirement announcement. Please understand that with this decision comes much peace, closure, and excitement about the next chapter in my life. Also know that I'm not disappearing. 

I'm very serious about turning my website into a venue for other creative, caring, compassionate people out there who need a place meet. So it's not going to be an "adult site," per se. I'll do the occasional chat, would like to do more video stuff, write the blog---hell, eventually I'd like to have my own talk show.

I hope you won't abandon the fan site. Thanks for making it a huge success….Thanks for believing in me. It's rubbed off--- because I'm actually starting to believe in myself!….More to come on here, but for now, let me just thank each and everyone of you who have offered unconditional support. I continue to have the best fans.

Chase Hunter [scenes], who started in the early 90s, made a comeback for the 3rd time to Falcon Studios via Basic Plumbing III.

Brad Star retired for the first time.

From his deleted Yahoo Group

Yes this news made me sad and disappointed… Brad Star has retired from the adult entertainment. I got this news from a friend at Fabscout.
photo @ Lucas Entertainment

Roman Ragazzi [scenes], who had scenes at Raging Stallion, was an Israeli aide who was outed for his adult work by Page Six.

Chance Caldwell [scenes] had a son [profile] who did str8 porn.

Kane O’Farrell came back for the 1st time.

Falcon Studios vs Colt Studios

Tommy Saxx (suspicion of fraudulent use of or possession of identifying information) & Mark Dalton (assault/family violence and interference with a 911 Call) were arrested.

Tommy Saxx for Falcon Studios
Mark Dalton for Falcon Studios

Brodie Sinclair signed an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios.

Brodie with Roman Ragazzi

22 thoughts on “Brett Mycles, Spencer Quest, Chase Hunter, Brad Star, Roman Ragazzi, Chance Caldwell, Kane O’Farrell, Tommy Saxx, Mark Dalton & Brodie Sinclair (Jan. to June 2007)

  1. Back when you could count on gay porn actually being gay porn and not littered with pussy, women, trans etc…

    1. Men with pussies are still men. So that’s gay porn. Now if you want to talk about MEN and some other studios proclivities to feature story lines where straight men do gay things then I’m all aboard with you. I’m not seeing trans women in gay porn though, so there you lost me.

      1. Wrong. Fucking and liking female genitals is not gay sex. Never has been and never will be. Nor is a man sucking cock ‘straight sex’. If you like vagina, you’re on the bi spectrum, period. And, yes, I can show you multiple gay porn scenes that have featured trans women fucking gay men. Next Door Studios just released one a couple months ago. And is constantly sprinkling in women into their ‘gay porn’ scenes and ‘Treasure Media Island’ released a ‘straight gang bang’ where the scene description talked about how ‘hot and sexy’ the women was, and how ‘a hole is a hole’ after all, implying the gay audience should want to fuck her too. A lot of this shit is straight up propaganda. I want gay porn, not a conversion therapy ad.

  2. Sorry, I might be old-fashioned, but gay porn doesn’t include pussies, anywhere. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s not gay porn

    And if you’d look past all the straight porn filmed with only straight men, you might notice that they DO throw in a few trans people in the gay porn mix.

  3. You should start a “Where Are They Now?” feature. I’d love to know what some of my favorite models, post-porn, are up to like Shane Rollins, Scott Alexander, Tex Gemmell, Trevor Knight, Sarge, Marc Williams, Conner Kline and on and on. If they’re socially active. I’m not interested in models who are just living their lives and don’t want to be found. Just a suggestion.

    1. I follow Scott Alexander on IG and he’s still beautiful. He’s in shape and happily married to his husband for some years now. He’s quirky too. That man was fine back in the day and even better now. Chocolate cakes galore.

      Connor Kline I follow as well but he’s completely different. The BTW tattoo is long gone and he’s bulked up. He’s living life to the fullest and looks very happy with his BF.

      I’ve always wondered what happened to Jose Enrique Max Grand and Wilson Vasquez.

  4. Chance Caldwell did a scene with his son. They DP the girl and everything. Yikes.

    I knew Brett was beautiful but never knew he was str8. That was shocking. I remember being so saddened by his passing. That was and still is very sad. He was so young.

    Brodie is a strange fellow. Didn’t he attempt a comeback not that long ago??

    Kane was my boy. He was so cute. Had the biggest crush.

    What do people get from “outing” someone? Do you feel proud about jeopardizing someone’s mental and financial stability. So what if Roman was doing porn at the same time?! If he was doing his secular job well and to the best of his ability, it shouldn’t have mattered. The same men who outed him was probably the same ones grabbing their moisturizers and going to town on themselves to his scenes.

    1. Brodie has an OF and still escorts I believe, He is still insanely nuts. Get that man some help.

    2. Okay Chance’s son Jerry is actually really hot. Too bad he didn’t do gay porn. A scene with Chance and Jerry would be pretty fucking hot.

  5. I used to have Mark Dalton as a friend on Facebook, under his real name, but then one day he made the most REVOLTING racist comment on one of my posts…it was seriously foul and I blocked him on the spot. I have no idea what he’s up to these days.

  6. For me, being a (cough, cough) gentleman of advanced years….remember all these guys from their first time around in gay porn. Many were (and remain) favorites even though they’re no longer with us. Now I’ll put an “*” next to these next comments, because it became common back in the day, for porn actors to misrepresent being dead when they left the industry. Guess it made it easier to leave that world behind? Anyway I remember the death of Chase Hunter being announced and that was tough for me. He was a favorite for sure. I still have (and enjoy) his performances on video. Kane O’Farrell (while alive, I presume) did some great work for both Falcon and Cazzo– the latter being a bit more gritty than his work at Falcon. He, I believe is a self-described bisexual, and as for his man-on-man scenes, he’s completely involved and in charge.

    1. Chase Hunter isn’t dead. He lives in my home town in South Florida. Just saw him at my gym.

  7. After seeing Kane O’Farrell here I checked him out. Wow! My idea of a hot hook-up. Kane is tall, macho and muscular with a 9″ cock and he’s a top guy with a take charge attitude that this bottom loves. He was “Born To Be Bad.”

    1. You never miss a beat to announce you’re a bottom. I’ve never understood people’s obsession with sharing very personal aspects of their sex life that isn’t really necessary….a hundred times. LOL

      Course, it’s also in lockstep with your being a librarian and so painfully pedestrian.

  8. roman ragazzi was a sexy hairy versatile man who was never the same after his identity was unveiled by the new york post. His suicide was a very sad moment. kane and hunter were hot men who I loved to watch

  9. Chase Hunter is the only hot one here. Okay maybe Tommy Saxx looked okay at a very specific time. But Chase was a GOD among men. He was perfection in every way. Wonder what he looks like today?

  10. Rob Sager is always my shining example…just a supernova of an example of how a guy can be so perfect yet also be a bodybuilder which I normally can’t stand. I understand he had a few or several sugar daddies or “sponsors” and both he and his girlfriend or wife seemed “ok” with it. I’m absolutely sure he was 100% straight and never authentically enjoyed anything a man ever did to him or for him but seemed “modern” for a lack of a better term and looked at receiving much needed money for sexual favors as a legit way to finance his life. I never heard about the pre-law thing.

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