Chris White, Reno Gold, LeeRoy Jones, Kane Hardy & Cliff Jensen

Chris White

Chris White and Roman Todd were paired today in a scene by Next Door Studios.

Reno Gold

From the owners of Men At Play & Masqulin, a site about Reno Gold will be launched tomorrow.

LeeRoy Jones

LeeRoy Jones is back at Club Amateur USA [2020 gallery & 2021 gallery].

Kane Hardy

Kane Hardy now has 3 scenes as the top at Gay Hoopla. The latest update at Bi Guys Fuck had him bottom for the first time with his flip fuck scene with Jeremy Barker.

Cliff Jensen

The comeback scene of Cliff Jensen via an oral scene with Jesse Stone is up next at Chaos Men. Not enough? Cliff also filmed for Alternadudes.

10 thoughts on “Chris White, Reno Gold, LeeRoy Jones, Kane Hardy & Cliff Jensen

    1. But, according to him, he’s the one of the most successful (owns 11 condos), richest (makes over $1M a year), famous (multiple interviews and photoshoots), content creators in the world!!

      written with extreme sarcasm since his whole brand is a lie *

  1. Well, it was interesting at first, then got old FAST ! He really is nothing that isn’t already offered on a 100 sites…

  2. What’s the deal with Reno Gold? Is he legitimate or gay baiting us? Does he really have sex on camera? From preview clips I’ve seen I’m suspicious.

    1. He’s an actual gay man. He’s in an exclusive relationship that prevents him to doing duo scenes. Silly I know. Why take this career to the next level if you can’t do what you have to do to achieve that.

      I have seen a video where he blew a dude once. But that was like two years ago, and I don’t believe it’s up anymore.

  3. So, Cliff Jensen’s gay porn return was just for an unreciprocated blowjob? Ugh.

    And Reno Gold’s endless jackoffs are being turned into it’s own site? Ugh again.

    I prefer CAUSA when it has guys who have never been in any kind of porn. That site rivaled Chaosmen for new guys (before CM became the bought out, saddening piece of crap it is now…).

  4. The news here is the excellent cum eat by Jesse Stone who takes Cliff’s load directly into his mouth so it appears it goes straight down his throat and then dribbles out.

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