It was announced today that 6 models from Belami Online filmed with 4 models of Sean Cody.

Collab of the decade?

Belami Online has collaborated in the past with US based porn studios such as Corbin Fisher (2009), Cocky Boys (2009, 2012 & 2015) & Naked Sword (2014).

Falcon Studios should have been next but it was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic.

17 thoughts on “Collab of the decade?

  1. Those SC guys are constantly hooking up with guys from Grindr and doing collaborations with guys that are known to be…I fear for the health of those unsuspecting BA models. I would have passed.

  2. It’s tragic what has happened to Sean Cody. What once was the pinnacle of (US) gay porn it has now been relegated
    To the near bottom. Newer models are meh or just aren’t versatile like in the old days and I’m kicking myself for renewing a long term subscription over a year ago hoping for the better. Collaboration isn’t going to work when the core “talent” whether models or direction isn’t up to the previous gold standards.

  3. I’ll eat my hat if this doesn’t turn out to be the dullest, most uninteresting and not even worth watching video either website has produced.

  4. Well, I’m going to say it. We can blame Mindgeek, but for me the reason SC is awful is the quality of the models, which ironically coincides with the fact that most of their models are gay. Yeah, the gay guys are neither good at sex nor have the look. Let’s be honest, we know gay4payers can be boring, but what’s the excuse for the gays to phoning their performances in? I saw some of their OF content and it’s tragic how they’re so self absorbed, the lack of physical intimacy is sad. That, and pretty much those that look muscular are on roids, I mean look at Manny, that bitch is obviously abusing them.

  5. Why do gays like the average eastern European/Russian look? Because that’s all Bel Ami is. Go to Europe, and you’ll run into many of them gay or straight, they aren’t special or rare. Well maybe they are, but only because they’re g4p.

  6. If the image is any indicator, doesn’t seem like they included any of Belami top models. Where is Jack, Helmet?

  7. It is disappointing to see two men of color in this colboration. I know not PC to say but Bel Ami is hot because of the whiteness. Sean Cody used to be hot but it is disappointing two men of color with small dicks included. I wish it was an all white cast.

    1. I hate to appear to encourage racism, but there’s only one person of color in the cast. I believe one of the ones you’re so disappointed by is Jewish. But then again, you’re probably against that too.

    2. Do you intend to do what you do or is it really just a public accident? There’s a lot of people who think what you just said but they don’t go type it out.

    3. #When being hispanic isn’t “White enough” in gay porn…

      Are we sure about the whiteness of everyone? Maybe we need to do some DNA checks, have them spit in a cup.

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