Dacotah Red, Scott Finn, Jonas Jackson, Mitch Matthews, Hayden Brier, Trevor Harris and more


17 thoughts on “Dacotah Red, Scott Finn, Jonas Jackson, Mitch Matthews, Hayden Brier, Trevor Harris and more

  1. Hayden Brier didn’t say anything wrong and some of the replies he got show how stupid and ignorant some of these people are. Intersex people DO NOT want to be lumped in with trans people. Even though they have an intersex condition they are still classified as male or female and the conditions they have are sex specific.

  2. Justin Stone, really? If he truly falesly accused someone of rape, he should never work in the industry again and I hope he gets sued/prosecuted. False accusations lead to true victims not being believed.

  3. All of a sudden my interest in watching anything involving Xavier Zane just dropped to zero……..

    Justin Stone sounds like he got some legal strong-arming to tweet that.

  4. If sexy Scott Finn is as talented a chef as he is at sucking cock, I’d eat at his restaurant anytime. When the Finn man wraps his lips around a cock, he acts like a starving man being offered a three course meal. Go Scott!!!

  5. Sexual exploitation, sordidness, depravity,, promiscuity….Halloween here lasts all year round….Boo !!!

    1. And leave porn to those who can actually get actual erections to perform, while you’re at it too!

    2. He looks even sillier because all his “co-workers” are doing the exactly opposite from what he claims he’s doing

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