From Cliff Jensen to Christian Wilde & Brandon Anderson

Jesse Stone, who won as your favorite model in 2020, has been hopping from one site to another after his departure at Corbin Fisher.

Last month, Jesse filmed a scene with Cliff Jensen for Chaos Men.

He is up next at Guys In Sweatpants with his scene as the bottom to Christian Wilde.

And, Jesse is filming scenes this week for Next Door Studios and wrapped up a scene with Brandon Anderson.


  1. Huron132

    Jesse has got me jealous. He worked with 2 of my all time faves and one of my recent faves. Lucky stud. You go Jesse!

  2. Reg

    I always confuse Cliff and Christian…two guys who people make a fuss of, but are clearly Gay4Pay, I thought were both jail-birds, are both lacklustre tops, will never bottom and put on “shows” that aren’t worth watching, let alone paying for.

    I just don’t see the point in either of them. They had their day, didn’t change the world and now they’re back, doing exactly the same thing…aka, nothing.

    • vonschlomo

      Well, not that I am super into either now, but since I’m very familiar with both I can tell them apart but they do have very similar careers, shall we say. Christian Wilde did bottom at least once and it was actually very satisfying…many “top only” guys bottom and the performance is just pathetic. I think another important distinction is Christian usually is hard and Cliff has many scenes pushing rope, right? If you’re gonna be top only and appear in 100 scenes then you damn well better be the best damn top in the world! Nothing is more agonizing than guys who aren’t hard and trying to fuck with a limp dick is shameful.

      • Bull (@wldone)

        I’ve not been a fan of either one. I do think Christian is much better than Cliff however. I did see the scene where Christian bottomed and it was fucking hot. He seemed to be really into it. Probably just really good acting or he would have done it again. Nevertheless it was hot.

    • Konrad

      you couldn’t be more wrong. I know Christian personally and he’s NOT g4p but very much bisexual, he’s NOT a jailbird at all, and yes, he has bottomed for Austin Wilde in a rather epic scene. Move on if you don’t like him, but don’t throw shade at him.

      • Rocket

        Reg always falsely disparages guys. It’s his thing. Sad really.

        • Reg

          And Rocket…he, she, they have nothing to say about the subject of the post in hand, so turns to talking about me. And that’s not just sad…it’s pitifully tragic.

      • Andy

        Christian Wilde has digestive problems he talked about this on Twitter. I think he has IBS or something like that. He had to get medical attention there is a reason he doesn’t bottom.

  3. vonschlomo

    Oh, as for Jesse, he’s just so hopelessly plain to ever be exciting or hot. And I thought him at Corbin Fisher over and over was so typical of the times…the lowered expectations of today’s slump in gay porn. Now he’s EVERYWHERE! Why?

  4. baz

    Well, site hopping isn’t really complete until Clay has violated you, so I guess BHH is his next stop? Not sure if that would ge worse than SketchySex, where Jesse has already been…..

  5. bo

    Jesse is the enigma of gay porn–no one can figure out who he is, what he prefers, whether he has come over the “I’m bi” fence, but he just loves being fucked (he is the best whiner in the game). He is unique physically (long, lean, and a great ass that fits that physique), has a horse face which is incredibly sexy, cannot be described as ginger or blond, and seems to have become a new vagabond bottom. Hoooooray! Nice post, Denz.

  6. joe

    Why are people so interested in other peoples sexual preferences ????? ! its none of your business ! it says way more about you as an individual and where your head is at.. You are not likely to meet any of these guys and wether they were a gold star gay the likelihood is that they would not be into you … im sick of reading the same shit time after time ..
    and .. its business for most people in porn… all about the money. Onlyfans & Just for fans have proved that … so go and do something else with your brains rather than worry about other peoples lives that possibly aren’t so fantastic after all.

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