Back To Back Halloween for Adrian Hart

Last year, Next Door Studios had Adrian Hart fucked by a Demon. This year at Men, Adrian would rather go to hell and be a Demon than loose his junk.

Back For The Halloween

Aaron Perez has not had a scene released for more than a year. If you miss him, he is back via a Halloween themed scene at Family Creep.

Halloween Themed Scenes

There are now 4 posts on this blog about this year’s Halloween themed scenes.

There’s more.

A Killer Twink Trade from Say Uncle (via Twink Trade) with Johnny Hill , Andrew Powers , Adam Awbride & Pierce Paris.

Trick or Treat from Masqulin with Gabriel Clark & Joel Grayson.

The Mounting from Himeros TV with Bama Romello, Luke Hudson & Nico Nova.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2021

  1. There’s something about Pierce Paris that makes me want to keep playing Genshin instead of wanking

  2. They’re both in masks, but you always tell who’s Mr. Floppy.

    And I notice you haven’t got William Seed here…they put him in Joker makeup, but then washed it off for the actual sex. I don’t honestly see the point and especially since he was only topping.

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