Trick of Dick from Fraternity X

Fraternity X with Trick or Dick

Even full-fledge bros don't escape bitch duty, just can't train a cock slut to be a real frat man. We were just sitting around chatting about some girl throwing a masked pool party and one of the newly admitted bros takes the chance to sell and swallow all our cocks. Since we have no pledges around to take our loads, why not the bro that can't get off bitch duty? It's Halloween right?! He wanted to be a pledge again, so we treated him like one.

4 thoughts on “Trick of Dick from Fraternity X

  1. Even when I’m hungry for some good dick that “bitch duty” at Fraternity X is a bridge way too far.

  2. Don’t like any of the cast… If Jesse Stone was there and be submissive bottom I will watch it…

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