Jake Andrews, Christian Wilde, Justice, Bo Sinn, John Thomas, Mitch Matthews and more


11 thoughts on “Jake Andrews, Christian Wilde, Justice, Bo Sinn, John Thomas, Mitch Matthews and more

  1. what is it that guys think that having your ass opened up wide like PDX is attractive in any way. Christian get off your high horse you are not all that and NOT everyone wants you and besides being a hooker again is not something that you should be boasting about especially not knowing what you have as far as STD’s are concerned. Being used for money isn’t something to be proud of.

    1. Thank you. For years this has turned me off to fetish sex. Disgusting. Your ass still doesn’t look like a pussy. It’s looks like something Jason from Friday the 13th left behind.

  2. I will admit that I lust after some of these guys (although not Mitch Matthews, with the ruined asshole). But this week’s tweets are just so sad, empty, and low. The reality behind the fantasy makes me feel sorry for these dudes. Maybe sometimes it’s a curse to be good-looking and have a big dick.

  3. At least Blake Houston is telling the truth. You don’t need to be rich to hire these guys. Lots of them are cheap cheap cheap. Yes even Brandon Wilde, because no one in their right mind(even if you’re a millionaire) would pay top dollar for one night with him. But watch out for what cheap products might bring to you. Lots of these guys are like Chinese products…dangerous for your health and short life span.

  4. I don’t want to sound rude but was the last tweet necessary? Yuck don’t want to see a man busted anus.

  5. Is Christian joking?

    And Justice…what are you then?

    Blake…did you copy and past that, because I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere before :-/

    Ah, “Damien Soup”. You have the most fucking awful new stage name I’ve ever heard and since you’re living the life of revisionist history, denying the fact Bo ever existed and that you ever had sex with anything other than women…what are you even doing here?

    Mitch…seek medical attention. For your mental health too.

  6. These guys are what they are. They aren’t like the majority of homos. They aren’t even models to be admired and emulate , They are just prostitutes living their sordid lives although some try to present themselves as happy and satisfied standards for younger and naïves ones.

  7. This list started okay and then quickly deteriorated into a complete pile. Seriously, WTF?

  8. WTF did I just read / see?

    I need something to erase the sight of Mitch Matthew’s ruined hole from my mind!

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