Jason Adonis, Marcus Allen, Brad Patton, Johnny Hansen and more (2006)

For those who haven’t visited menofporn.typepad.com, this is its new home. I already uploaded posts from that blog from 2011 to August 04, 2021.

Instead of uploading the rest, I am just going to make posts about it under the Blast From The Past category.

Jason Adonis bottomed for the first time via Falcon Studios with Erik Rhodes (who died in 2012) as his top.

Marcus Allen, who now identifies as a female, was arrested for the slaying of a Denver business man.

Brandon Lee [movies] was assaulted according to his Wikipedia page (information about the incident has been removed).

On September 9, 2006, Brandon was assaulted in Scottsdale, AZ while on his way home from work….After stopping at a nearby restaurant, he was followed by a vehicle out of the parking lot. Lee eventually drove off the shoulder of the road, where he was dragged out of his 2006 Toyota Tacoma. He was beaten unconscious, his vehicle set ablaze, and awoke on a paramedic gurney…….

Lukas Ridgeston of Belami Online visited Florida.

Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods (Pierre’s first relationship with a porn star) got married.

Benjamin Bradley talked about his first break-up with Roman Heart, who died last September 2019. While, Jason Hawke talked about his break-up with Jeremy Jordan.

Brad Patton, who had a guest appearance in 2017 in the sequel of Heaven To Earth, won silver in ice skating at Out Games held in Montreal.

MySpace and Yahoo Groups were the Twitter & Instagram of 2006.

Johnny Hanson (1995-1998) returned via Lucas Entertainment.

16 thoughts on “Jason Adonis, Marcus Allen, Brad Patton, Johnny Hansen and more (2006)

    I always see a lot of interest in any article about “what are they doing now?” in ref. to past gay porn stars. I hope we get one every week.
    Benjamin Bradley was one of the hottest stars of the day, glad he is alright. Sorry he turned into a anti science head case.
    Marcus Allen was always Hot Hard and full of energy in his sex scenes. Too bad he was arrested for murder. What the fuck?

  2. At 49 Brad Patton is a beautiful man. In his earlier years in gay porn he was the epitome of the muscular blond Adonis with a big uniquely shaped uncut cock. Just looking at his cock would make my booty hungry. More importantly, I have read that guys who worked with him say he is one of the sweetest and nicest guys.

    1. Brad…what a beautiful man still!….Brandon Lee was the sexiest gay Asian porn star I have ever seen…..I heard he is now into catering in S.F(?)..Lukas…I am speechless still just looking at him

  3. What is it with gay porn stars and being anti-vaxers?

    Markus Cage, Rocky Vallarta, now Benjamin Bradley…that list actually goes on and there’s not a day when one of them doesn’t Tweet about it.

    1. It does seem we have a lot of people who just turn a blind eye to science. Smart successful people too. Steve Jobs refused cancer surgery and treatment for 9 months. He said he had a more natural Homeopathic way to treat cancer. By the way, I have not seen Steve around for awhile, have you? Wonder why???????

    2. I call it selfishness. Grown ass men who are scared to take a little prick in the arm in order to help curve this global monster that has consumed so many lives and continues to do the same each and every year it sticks around.

  4. I’m honestly not surprised by another gay porn murderer. We’ve had SC’s Jason, the guy who forged a will on a napkin and if he hadn’t got caught, I personally think Jared Wentworth would have ended up that way.

    I know that they’re either pimped out to these victims by studios, or get approached by the victims themselves and being kept boys drives them crazy.

    “Marcus” is an extreme case and I’m not saying that everyone who’s transgender is mentally ill, but in his case…he wasn’t living or identifying as a woman until he was arrested. I was never sure if it was a ploy to survive in prison, or if he’d been struggling with that for years :-/

  5. I loved the scene with Erik Rhodes topping Jason Adonis. Erik really pounded him. Gay topping a str8 the only g4p that I enjoy.

        1. A lot of porn models who are str8 or claim to be str8 do bottom because one doesn’t have to have an erection to bottom.

  6. I think that Marcus Allen went transgender to survive prison but, why he did he was such a good looking man and now he is an ugly woman. What a shame that he did this, but he was probably conflicting with himself inside and told himself that he needed to do this to be happy in life. But, really who can be happy in prison for life without the possibility of parole. Well now he can have all the women she wants now that she is locked up for the rest of her life.

    Now that Benjamin Bradley has fought cancer and refuses to get the COVID vaccine bc it’s his choice now he has to worry about getting COVID bc he is a high risk person that can put him in the hospital and cause complications for himself bc he had cancer. People that had preexisting conditions never made it out of the hospital I hope it doesn’t happen to him but that is his choice but not a very smart one to say the least. He needs to think about this one and save himself from a far worse condition if he gets sick.

  7. Firstly, I’m glad I don’t seek out my favorite porn performers (past or present) online for any reason– but certainly not for mental and physical health tips. I have no idea why anyone, especially someone whose life was saved by medical intervention based on a shi*-ton of science would then reject it, but again I don’t think COVID-19 deniers have that many working brain cells anyway. Maybe the chemo killed off all the useful ones? But I’d lay odds if his cancer returned we’d likely see a very different attitude emerge.

  8. Marcus Allen used to be so hot! But Boring… Wish he did a gangbang video where a bunch of men would wreck his hole. Brandon Lee was a cutie pie, wondering what he’d look like today, if he’s hot, I’d love to see him make a cumback.

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