Lucas Walker, Ruben Klee & English Lads

Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker is the latest addition at Gay Hoopla. His first scene was a flip fuck with Jordan Joseph at Bi Guys Fuck. On Twitter, he is known as Cody Viper where he included in his profile that he was bisexual.

Separated At Birth

According to Belami Online, Ruben Klee (aka Erik Drda) reminds them of Niko Vangelis.

A Sign Of Waning Popularity

English Lads, with its steep price & complicated membership process (depends on geographic location & requirement of an ID), is now releasing one video per week instead of two.

4 thoughts on “Lucas Walker, Ruben Klee & English Lads

  1. I noticed that I think a week ago with EnglishLads. Between the steep monthly subscription price, the slow removal of downloads and now a reduction in scenes per week which has dropped from 3 to 2 to now 1, I cancelled my membership. I contacted the owner when the download cap (which prevents you from even downloading a single HD clip in the download window) and he was very arrogant and rude. The only reason I had stuck with him is that his models are often only on his site but it is just not worth it.

    1. Like some of the guys on EL, but the sooner the site is gone the better. Absolutely the most subscriber unfriendly site I’ve ever subscribed to. Failure will be totally due to the owner, Good.

  2. was a member until EL changed to streaming only video (which the owner did not tell the members about. just blocked access one weekend and then only streaming videos) so cancelled membership. been going downhill since then. still get emails asking to re-join told him where to go

  3. I saw the Lukas Walker scene for BiGuysFuck with Jordan Joseph and I wondered if Jordan’s dick ever got hard for even 10 seconds? I had never seen either of these guys before that scene. The whole time Jordan was fucking the girl, his dick was limp.

    I personally don’t see the resemblance between Niko Vangelis and Ruben (Erik Drda) but maybe I’m TOO familiar with them.

    Finally, as for English Lads, either Nick Baker, the owner, is ridiculously independently WEALTHY and thus can run all of his sites at a tremendous LOSS or he’s just bat shit crazy. It’s hard to employ common sense and simple economics and make any reasonable conclusions as to why his rules are so strict and anti-customer coupled with such a nasty, rude, arrogant personality when you contact him. These two following concepts are axioms: The more complicated you make anything, the less popular its going to be. The more you charge for a product while reducing its quantity, the less popular its going to be. Less popular is fewer members is less money.

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