Malakai White, Gabriel Cross, Brock Perry, Dante Martin, Sean Costin, Dante Drackis, Chad Taylor and more

10 thoughts on “Malakai White, Gabriel Cross, Brock Perry, Dante Martin, Sean Costin, Dante Drackis, Chad Taylor and more

  1. Sean Costin – Wow, the balls on some assholes. Way to ask for help. But we both know you really are not looking for real change or help. Just another scam for $ Not even a Good try asshole. Bloated and arrogant is a bad look on you.
    Jarret Moon – OK, so what, nobody with half a brain would step within 3 feet of you anyway.
    Derek Shaw – Man, the Helix publicity machine has been working Overtime trying to create buzz for this very average boring twink … PS : He isn’t the one to bring your studio back to glory.
    Derek Bolt – I hope you enjoy the fake pump and hope you feel its worth the price later when your organs begin to fail…

  2. Good to hear that there are some porn stars that are willing to come out, most of these guys that say they are “G4P” and love taking it up the ass are pathetic. They do this just to make money off the gay community and then stick their damn feet in their mouth by stating that they are straight and state name calling about the gay community as to how they feel. If you are not gay go to the straight porn and let the women peg you there.

    Dante Martin you need to let your pubes grow you look like an 11 yr. old boy and it does not look good. If you are not shy that’s cool just grow your pubes in and look like a man not a little boy.

    Derek Bolt you can lift all the weights you want but that shit you are taking to get yourself bigger is going to slap you back in the face when you end up in the hospital from heart failure or some other complication. Or you may end up killing yourself like you are doing little by little.

    Sean Costin quit asking for help from sugar daddies and then scam them out of their money just because you cant get a real job and support yourself. Which really makes you a worthless human being with muscles. Instead of asking the gay community for help go help yourself you are a grown man and can do things on your own. They have mental hospitals that take self admitting individuals to get you the help you need. You have to have a cell phone and if you do google one in your area and get of your pity wagon and go get the help on your own. You’re just a pathetic loser.

  3. It was only a matter of time…Sean Costin has Collin Simpson-itis.

    Is Dante transitioning?

    And I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! They’re back together after battering each other and being branded a paedophile. The new Paul & Damien, aka fucked-up, sick and twisted, mutual abuse, violence and toxicity is back. Jack & Dolf…they deserve each other.

    1. It’s the confusion. Gayhoopla screwed up the mindset of these guys. The environment La El fostered during that time and still does will do a number on any person “finding themselves” like Collin and Sean. Then HotGuysFuck came for that “affirmation” and further did damage.

  4. Here’s what’s suspect about Sean Costin and his tweets. He claims he wants to start a new chapter and yet he was just promoting new OF content with Finn Harding, Derek Jones (former GayHoopla actor and BTS worker) and some girls. One of my he posts even claims to stay tuned for even more content in the future.

    Looks like he’s part of this new whack ass house group of guys and girls who are swinging and fucking each other like lab rats. DJ is married. I don’t know if Sean is or not. It’s all too eerily suspicious to me. I might be wrong but…. According to Derek’s Twitter, they’re all sleeping around with each other and like throwing this shit on each other’s fans pages like crazy. Glad I unsubscribed when I did.

    Dante Martin is my everything. I love that man. He’s so sexy but I will agree with an earlier comment. He should sport a bush once in a while. Yummy.

    Why are we still talking about Dolf and Jarec? They’re as dysfunctional as our health care system. He hit me, he didn’t, here’s some kids replica toys, here’s a bloody tee shirt, he’s the love of my life, never mind let’s make up and have a bisexual threesome. Ugh next please. It’s fucking too much.

    The coming out stories are wonderful. It took me a long ass time to do the same. Gay, proud, out and loving it. I’m very happy for those in and out of porn who can muster the courage to do the same. I encourage everyone to be themselves.

    Brock is serving us vanilla cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Lastly, what in the hell is the point of porn awards? Haha. I’m sorry. It’s just a room of guys who’ve fucked each other for multiple times over multiple years, awarding each other. It’s so self loathing and pointless. You know what your awards are, you guys had sex. There you go.

    1. I think the porn awards are more about fighting the stigma. Porn work isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes hours to film one scene. The models have to make it believable they are sexually attracted to each other. The awards are more about uplifting the porn models. The gay male community is a bit hypocritical. We consume porn a lot yet we criticize men who are sex workers. Some gay men look down on these guys. This is just a job to most of them that’s it.

  5. Derek Bolt needs to lay off the steroids. His body is going to break down if he keeps on using it. Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

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