Men vs Falcon Studios vs Raging Stallion vs Next Door Studios vs Lucas Entertainment vs Sean Cody vs Say Uncle

Friday is usually reserved by most porn studios as the day they release a scene of their in demand model/s.

Men with Malik Delgaty & Felix Fox in The Rookie Lifeguard.

Falcon Studios with Adrian Hart & Roman Todd in Falcon Live: 4 The Fans.

Raging Stallion with Jake Nicola & Beau Butler in Just Sex.

Next Door Studios with Scott Finn & Dante Colle in Sorry I Sent A Nude.

Lucas Entertainment with Kosta Viking & Marco Antonio in Rudy Gram Services Dick.

Sean Cody with Deacon and Blake Ryan.

Say Uncle with Adrian Hart & Shane Cook in Geek Failed, Geek Gets Railed.


  1. Reg

    So, that’s painfully gay4pay, overexposed, racist, overexposed gay4pay filth and I can’t even think of anything to say about the last three. Jeez.

  2. andrew

    I’d like to be the Fox bottoming for muscle god Delgaty or Scott Finn bottoming for the handsome Colle man. However, if Marco Antonio’s huge thick cock wouldn’t cause me too much pain, I would love that big handsome muscular hung guy to take me on a major trip to pound town. I so wanted to be the Viking in that scene with Marco.

  3. bo

    At least a solidly open gay slut in Kosta Viking put on a good show–and ate some cum. The others were very disappointing.

  4. Magnus

    All overexposed and/or unattractive.

  5. Alias74

    TIE: Roman Todd and the Kosta Viking scene. Both put on amazing shows!

  6. Andy

    I like Adrian Hart but I think I figured out his popularity in gay porn. He is the token short cute gay black guy. He is the black model porn considers acceptable for white gay audiences. He’s black but he is the type of black gay porn likes. Adrian is interesting he is making a lot of money because he isn’t considered a threat. Of course Adrian is a handsome man but he also fulfills a quota. He is black but he is short. I notice in most of Adrian videos he is the bottom so the white guy gets to be the dominant male. Adrian also has a non threatening appearance in the sense he is masculine but not overwhelm his white scene partner. The white guy gets to be the dominant male. No one can accuse the studios of racism because they hire Adrian a lot. Yet I notice the paucity of other black models in mainstream porn like Adrian.

    • OldFatGuy

      On the other hand it could simply be that gay porn just needs bottoms the most, as you can see with Felix Fox. Height and skin color may have little to do with it. Adrian is smart enough to figure out right from the start that bottoms are the most in demand and get paid the most, so why not make the most money he can by bottoming. (I used to say the same thing about Jayden Marcos before he went straight). Plus with all the news about covid, it seems like there are performers who are more willing to not worry about it and work as much as they can while others hesitate.

  7. OldFatGuy

    Out of all the above models, the only ones who excel in both looks and performance are Felix Fox and Marco Antonio. Now if they can get those two together in a flip fuck, that would be worth paying for.

  8. Alex

    I swear the “models” on RS all look unwell, is this their idea of what masculinity is?

  9. Bear

    Roman Todd and Adrian Hart: Roman’s overrated, plus he freaked out when he wanted to raise funds to buy a car. Whoever responds intemperly fans deserves to be canceled. Adrian is so uncharismatic. Bad scene.
    Dante Colle: Overexposed. He appears everywhere. Someday someone will open the fridge and there will be Dante Colle. The worst thing is Next Door Studios and that weird Disruptive studio deify this guy no one can stand to watch anymore.
    Kosta Viking and Marco Antonio: This is the scene we really want to watch. Worths every penny.
    Shane Cook and Adrian Hart: Hart again? Does he want to be another Dante Colle?
    Felix Fox and Beau Butler: Gorgeous and charismatic. Nice bodies.

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