3 thoughts on “National Coming Out Day

  1. Did any “stars”, names or “celebrities” actually come out this year?

    It’s was National Coming Out day, but instead all it seems is that already gay men are affirming it, with no one new actually coming out :-/

    In fact, I can’t remember the last time the Day actually worked.

  2. Define coming out? Coming out to public or to your close family/friends member… If it for public, why it necessasy to do it? Why the necessary to tell public your orientation like you owe them… It just sound stupid… Unless they ask and you want to tell, tell them… For me, the one that matter is coming out to the closes one… Their acceptance that matter… If they not accept that’s fine… To be in new changes, it took a lot of time… Through time they will accept you and love who you are… If they don’t know/ignorance about it, teach them not arguing… Just be patience and never give up… If they still don’t accept you, just move on and live happy life… Sorry if my English were bad…

  3. Coming out is indeed stupid. Why is the default always thought as STRAIGHT? I came out when I was 15 to my parents by simply introducing a guy I was seeing to them. I just didn’t feel the need to tell them beforehand. A person’s sexuality is no one’s business but them.

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