8 thoughts on “Pierre Pierce, Dante Colle & Chris Damned

  1. If straight porn is really what they’ve always wanted to do, I hope they crossover once and for all and leave gay porn in the hands of people who really want to be there and not just see it as a stepping stone to make quick cash in exchange of lousy performance (at least Dante has had a few great scenes, but Pierce has always been trash).

  2. WOW, Look ! Mr Limp dick Paris actually looks 75% Hard… Oh, its because he is NOT TOPPING.
    I should have known………

  3. Well none of these men are gay in real life. We all know that. I don’t know if Pierce is still engaged to the woman or not? I watched the Pierce Paris video the best part is him eating pussy. His cock for some reason is semi hard but doesn’t seem fully erect. Maybe he has erectile dysfunction? Interesting Pierce got pegged by both women the video it was good. I am interested in seeing Chris Damned fuck a woman. I hope he eats some pussy in the video too. Dante Colle clearly is transitioning to the straight porn world. Brazier is a big deal for Dante one of the top straight porn studios. I don’t understand why Dante didn’t just stick with straight porn in the first place? He’s a really handsome guy Dante he looks like a young Jake Gyllenhaal.

  4. To think that a majority of gay men still think that Dante and Chris are so super hot and the top of the game in gay porn. I still get slaughtered when I comment and say that I have never found either of them appealing. That’s not to say that they’re ugly but they just aren’t sparking anything hot and new to me.

    It’s amazing how the gays will lust over str8 and bisexual duds like them and the likes of Malik Delgaty, Roman Todd or William Seed but not give a thought to actual gay talent.

    Feels like these type of guys just cash out in the gay community and gay realm of porn for the coins just to bridge into the str8 realm they truly desire. Something just doesn’t settle right to me with that whole thing. I could be wrong but the proof is in their actions.

    1. I agree Cherrystick, I don’t find either Dante or Chris attractive or appealing, so never really watch much of what they appear in . They are not actually ugly (which might make them interesting), just meh, plain, ordinary and as I said very unappealing.

  5. Wolf Hudson has said some nasty things in the past. I do not like him. I don’t like Pierce Paris and Dante Colle either. By the way, I don’t know why Dante is so overrated in Gay Porn, if he’s clearly transitioning to Straight Porn. He should leave soon. He never really helped us, in my opinion. He will not be missed. I agree with Cherrystick. I don’t see so much charm in Roman Todd and William Seed. Chris Damned: I admit I think he’s beautiful, although I hate those tattoos, especially the ones on his face. What did he do it for? Again agreeing with Cherrystick, I want to see gays appreciating the beauty of other gays. No need to go far. Allen King, Carter Dane, Michael Boston, Beau Butler, Austin Avery, Mason Dean, Max Adonis and Chad Hammer are proof that a man doesn’t have to be straight to be handsome. They are gay and gorgeous.

    1. I absolutely agree with you and that list of fine guys. I’ll add Dante Martin to that list. Than mam oozes in sex appeal and he’s a gay man who doesn’t stray away from his homosexuality.

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