Sean Costin is in need of a sponsor

Sean Costin is looking for a individual who can help him transition to a better life.

No one was interested.

So, he made a video to reassure his followers that he was serious.

He is looking for someone, just one, who is well-off to sponsor him financially. In exchange, he will visit you from time to time. And, he will delete all his social media account and be sexually exclusive to you.

34 thoughts on “Sean Costin is in need of a sponsor

  1. Um Sean, sweetheart, get a JOB. You’re still clinging on to the gays for financial support? It’s time to pack it up on move on my friend

  2. Sean you need to get a job and work to support yourself. If finding a job is hard due to your porn background you made that choice when you got into the business. But, wanting to have someone support you and be exclusive to that one person and not live with them is totally ridiculous, erasing all your social media that is out there does not cover the fact that you will be somewhere else and able to do what you want when you want with whomever you want. You don’t want to live with this “sugar daddy” because then you won’t be able to do what you want when they are not around you. The person who responds to this is really dumb and stupid not thinking that when you are not in their presence that they are somewhere else that you won’t do anything. Give it up already. GO TO WORK AND EARN YOUR OWN MONEY!!! Jarek Wentworth is a good example of what can happen to someone if they support them.

    1. It’s truly sad, it reminds of a used car with to much milage on the clock begging to be sold

  3. Sean Costin offers himself as a kept man, the world completely ignores him and instead of accepting reality, he INSISTS while knowing that nobody cares. I would utter a proverbial ‘get the hint, honey’, but I don’t think that he would quite get it.

    Aren’t many people supposed to me making tens of thousands every month on OF/JFF and all the other similar direct-engagement sites? If he doesn’t want to get a proper job, maybe he ought to make the effort of uploading better content that audiences actually want to watch.

    As for sugar daddies, I think that Sean is way past his bankability age, or has a horrible reputation among the rich-but-desperate.

  4. The desperation in this whole ordeal isn’t a good look for Sean. Imagine that he probably had numerous offers back during Gayhoopla’s early days

    1. That is a really good point. To be this…pushy about it means that (a) there’s evidence in the past there was someone (or someones) willing to go for it, or (b) he’s really that much of a narcisscist. Or maybe all of the above. But when I saw the first post (on here a few days ago) I was like…is this…serious? Seeing there was a second post and a video means someone is either that certain (because ppl have offered) or that much in need of help.

  5. When you’re asking someone rich to give you money so you can be rich too, you don’t set the conditions. If he “owns” you, he sets the conditions. No one is dumb enough to bite at this silly offer. And your promise to delete all your online medea is laughable as an enticement. You do porn for money. His cash would make that unnecessary. As many others have already said, get a job.You’re young and healthy, you can work. Hey, about doing porn. Oh, right.

  6. That’s the downside of gay porn for men or even straight porn. Males don’t make the big money. Women do. Bree Olson said on YouTube she can make 60k in a month! She is worth $5 million dollars. This guy isn’t unattractive he just looks older. He could get a sugar daddy but I think they prefer younger men? Jarek Wentworth had a rich sugar daddy who gave him 200k.

    1. Yeah he did give him that money but he ended up in prison for extortion. Now no one will listen to what he has to say if he is ever in the lime light. Sean is going to end up the same way. When they get a little money they want more n nice cars their bills paid. Sean doesn’t want to work for his money he wants it to be given to him so he can have fun by traveling n not have to worry about renting rooms or paying for anything. He’s a worthless piece of crap. And if anyone falls for his shit just Bc he states what he does n has the body he does then they’re just as stupid and pathetic like him.

    2. She may be staying this but it’s on OF in front of a camera it’s not even 1/50 of that. So either she’s lying or she’s a millionaire by now and I doubt that she is otherwise she would have retired by now to live the good life. So it’s totsl bs she’s stating unless she shows records of this.

  7. I would NEVER have believed this was real.

    He’s surprised? He’s surprised that no one would “snap him up”?

    This is the most pathetic, desperate, sad, tragic and embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen and not just on Twitter.

    So, sexually exclusive…but not around the clock. He’ll visit occasionally…and where will be be the rest of the time? I’m assuming in a house or apartment, which you’ll never be invited to and he’ll probably have a girlfriend living in.

    He wants a free ride in live and actually for less than he does with GayHoopla. He’s at no one’s beck and call and just does a video now and again. He wants that same arrangement, but for a LOT more money and I’m assuming diabolic perks, which aren’t met…agreements off, his social media will be back and he’ll be looking for someone else.

    He is a truly awful person and also, who would pay for the state of him? He looks old and haggard, he’s got painted on eyebrows, his body is wrecked with steroids, he sounds dumb as a post…so what actually is in it for someone to keep him? Occasional sex, which unless he’s wearing a chastity belt, where he’s also not willing to live with you…how could you ever know if he was being honest?

    If anyone is actually stupid enough to agree to do this, there’s going to be bitter regret on their part. You can get younger, better looking, smarter and sexier guys, who are actually going to be kind about an arrangement like that. Sean just comes across as aggressive, like the world owes him, not even a living, but a coast and it really is indescribable.

    I can also bet you he’s going to name, screenshot and shame anyone who doesn’t offer him EXACTLY what he wants, which is the Earth.

  8. Y’all NEED to listen!

    He’s being VERY SERIOUS. Very serious. And VERY CLEAR.

    If you’re not understanding its because you don’t get how very serious and clear he’s being.


    He needs your money. Understand that! He’s NOT going to live with you. Understand, he’s NOT going to live with you! You can visit a lot and he will make arrangements to see you a lot!

    But, you’re gonna OWN HIM.

    ROFL!!! I can’t make this shit up. He’s ridiculous. I have some questions for “Sean”….Sean, define “a lot”, please. One thing I’ve come to realize in my many, many decades of life is some people’s very elastic relationship with time. A lot for Sean might be once a week. A lot for some sugar daddy paying all Sean’s bills might be daily or every other day. If one is going to pay for Sean’s room and board PLUS keep in mind, Sugar Daddies of the world, you don’t get to merely invite Sean into your own home and provide shelter…OH NO, he’s VERY CLEAR on that aspect. He’s NOT GOING TO LIVE WITH YOU! LOL So, you sugar daddies will need to buy Sean’s home or pay his rent and his utils and his food and probably his wheels and such a high quality boy like Sean deserves luxury accommodations and vehicles and toys, right? After all, you OWN him. Gotta take care of his every need. LOL

    And all this trouble and hassle and expense for a straight guy that is incapable of even the simplest genuine love and affection for another man.

  9. I just cannot believe a grown man spells theirs as he does ( there’s ) WHAT A DUMMY…
    Also, very old and well, ugly looking. I would NOT entertain the idea of hooking up with him for free, much less taking care of this turd.

  10. Well, I saw this on his twitter yesterday. My first thought was he is begging.

    IF I was going to do this with anyone and that’s a huge IF, his parameters are not acceptable to me. My assumption is that he is looking for a rather considerable amount of money. I would probably require a contract. Marriages do it all the time. It’s called a prenup. Just ask Melania, she knows how it works.

    Anyone who I may support like this has to not only be exclusive and live with me, but be very open to EVERYONE that we are a couple. i.e. trophy boyfriend.

    I would call the shots in that type of arrangement, not the person I am supporting. I’ve got a feeling that he is looking for someone he can boss around and be the alpha male. Probably end up demanding more money as time goes on.

    One of the question I have about him. Does owning him include wearing a collar?

    1. Actually, that is a BRILLIANT idea. What if the Sugar Daddy’s condition is…marriage. Sean’s talking about being monogamous and being “owned”, so why not marriage? That doesn’t mean they have to live together, but it does mean the SD gets to have a Prenup and then pull the plug when Mr. Costin inevitably breaks the terms of their “verbal agreement”.

  11. Sweetpea, try Tom Ford. His old dick just passed.. Or try Elton. Maybe he and David might need a threesome to take the winter chill off. Silicon Valley has a lot of wealthy Gays. Do you do windows?

  12. The problem is that he can’t learn what he needs to be successful in his new life if it is handed to him by someone else. So his solution to whatever issues he has isn’t going to solve the problem.

    I wonder what sorts of financial problems he’s having? He might have more success if he just leveled with people and explained what the problem was, and just asked for help.

    1. He might actually have no problems whatsoever. He just wants more. He doesn’t want to work, he doesn’t want to pay for things himself and he wants things that he’d have to work to afford himself. He’s looking for a totally free-ride in life and who short of Brooklyn Beckham and anyone named Schwarzenegger gets that?

  13. I would offer one piece of mentor ship advice for free. When looking for sponsors, perhaps don’t start by calling men “dick thinkers” lol

  14. I’m sorry but I just seen some recent vids of Sean and man he is really acting like a 12 yo boy asking for someone to support him and pay for everything he wants in life. He also looks like a little boy with his pubes all shaved off too. This guy shaved off his eyebrows along with his pubes and to tell you the truth this is really disgusting. He may have a bodybuilder body and really small balls but, that does not make up for looking disgusting the way that he does. I don’t care if I had millions I would not support a guy that shaves everything on his body simply GROSS!!!!! I don’t think there a paper bag that would want to cover up that face of his. I don’t think there is a paper bag thick enough to cover up all that FUGLY he has going there. LMFAO.

  15. too bad im not attracted to his face or his personality (showed on social media) at all.
    Now if any others Gay hoopla models, younger one are begging, i would be so down to snatch that 😀

  16. This is pathetic. I understand that not everyone is born with privilege. But Costin has been in porn for many years, and there is a period during every successful porn actor’s career when you are intriguing and opportunities outside of porn are plentiful. Porn is not a long-term career, and he should have been planning for his gay “golden years” better than this. The gym and steroids aren’t enough, and Onlyfans is only a side hustle. There are low-intellect careers he could have been working on where his D-list porn status would have been perfect. Like real estate or independent film. Clearly he is not smart enough to have done that, or to realize he should be embarrassed now.

    1. He does come across as being thick as shit. He can’t speak, he can’t type and absolutely, that has nothing to do with intelligence…but there’s just such a meanness about him. It’s aggressive and ugly and I can’t even begin to imagine the problems anyone who answered his demands would have. It would be such an abusive “relationship”.

  17. As far as OF goes….Bruce Beckham said in an interview that the most he’s ever made with it is 2K a month…and he has done big name studio porn for Titan. People who tell folks they make big money are either lying OR OF is their full time job and they do content daily…with no social life.

  18. Yeesh…

    @sean_costin4u – Oct 26

    The majority of you are sensitive as fuck. Funny part is I know more woman who are more manlier than most of you. Get off line, stop jerking off and grow some balls. I have grown men in my messages crying over words they can’t handle lol .. #pathetic

    I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to support this “man” financially.

  19. Go ahead n support him. Be a dumb ass like the other men that do this shit Bc they have nothing better to do in their life or have anyone for that matter. Ur the dumbass who’s going to be taken for a ride with all the stipulations this dumbass is asking for. You both deserve each other Bc ur one in the same both dumbasses.

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