If you can’t get enough of Romeo Davis

Romeo Davis started in 2019 where he had scenes as the bottom for sites like Bromo with Bo Sinn as his top.

He is now mostly the top. This week, he is the latest update in 4 sites.

Kink Men where he was the top to Silas Everwood.

Masqulin where he was the top to Ryan Jacobs.

Raw Fuck Club where he was the top to Max Adonis.

And, Disruptive Films [gallery] where he was the top to Ryan Jordan.

24 thoughts on “If you can’t get enough of Romeo Davis

  1. This man–who started out as Romeo Davis XXL then Romeo Davis XL–is all over the place, and he’s insatiable as a top and occasionally throws in a brilliant performance as a bottom. He is also cum hungry when the opportunity presents itself. He has been all over OnlyFans and JustForFans, and used to perform strictly with a baseball cap but now doesn’t always. I have over 40 videos of him, in 15 of which he swallows his partner’s load and another half dozen in which he is bred. This guy is major and has to be on our side.

    1. He’s not on ours exclusively. He’s on the trans train too. Wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a bi scene behind closed doors.

      1. What a dumbass statement! The “trans train” ?! Smfh Trans men are men. Where you get that that will automatically get a gay man to want to fuck a cis woman is beyond me!

        1. The main problem, at least for me, is not even him fucking women, if he wants to do it more power to him.

          The problem here is PiV sex being sold as gay sex, which is not only homophobic but also extremely insulting.

          No amount of gaslighting will make material reality cease to be a thing.

          1. HE’S NOT FUCKING WOMEN DUMASS! DAFUQ YOU TALKING ABOUT?! And WTF is PiV sex?! I know what PiV means but NOBODY except those with an agenda use that to describe any kind of porn. You are a moron! You dont even know what the word gay even means. Talk about gaslighting!?

        2. Ummm sir I got the idea from a Twitter thread from a performer he worked with and who also does trans porn where it was mentioned and he didn’t say it wasn’t a possibility. Last time I checked… trans porn was a completely different genre from gay, bi and str8 porn so therefore I referred to it as the trans train like he’s on the gay train too. It’s amazing how you can sift through a statement and try to make it something bigoted.

          My reply is simple. He’s not exclusively in gay porn. Period. Hop off your soapbox and put down your pitchfork.

          1. Fuck off idiot! That’s like saying men are the same as women and trans men are the same as trans women. How stupid are you?

    2. Think he’s hot as fuck,not a fan of the sneakers always on LOL,like to see toes curling,love how his eyes roll back when he’s getting fucked.

  2. I want to be very emphatic that I have nothing against Romeo Davis, he’s a guy who gives solid performances, has the most chemistry with his co-stars and comes across as a laid back guy. BUT there are two things I don’t like about him

    Why so many tattoos…I hate that men are now chalkboards full of tattoos and to my taste that’s not sexy (in such extreme cases).
    That cap he always wears! If you have hair problems… hire a stylist and get a hair piece, I imagine the guy has enough money to pay for one!

  3. I can’t watch him ever since he started doing trans porn, such a turnoff. BTW… big dig and ugly face = big pass!

      1. Gurl, calm down…your transphobia is showing. Besides, he doesnt do “trans porn” he does gay porn with a trans man.

  4. Damn it’s amazing to me that you are slated as transphobic if you say that you’re shocked or turned off to know that a gay male or gay porn star does trans porn. Last time I checked, a phobic person of any nature hates or dislikes anything related towards the person they’re phobic towards. Meaning they hate them inside and outside of a sexual nature. They’ll hate them simply for existing period.

    Stating that you don’t want to have sex with a trans individual isn’t being transphobic. Now saying you hate them is crossing the line. See the difference?! Attraction versus bigotry. If a str8 person isn’t attracted to gay men it doesn’t mean that their homophobic, it simply means that they’re str8. Damn it’s not difficult people.

    1. Oh FFS! Commenters are saying way more than just they dont like it! It’s the descriptions going along with it that are uncalled for and is exactly why they are being transphobic! It’s not like they are gay and then having sex with women, but that is essentially what many commenters are equating it too and that, dumass, is transphobic! You dont like it…fine! But keep the extra disdain to yourselves!

      1. Damn you’re bitter and angry. You can’t even show any sort of understanding. Oh well… here’s to hoping your day goes better.

  5. This bitch is giving me “I don’t know what a shower is” energy. If he got into this industry, everyone can.

  6. Hot man, big hard dick, great to watch fucking or getting fucked. I don’t care who you fuck, or what equipment they have, fuck who you want. I’ll choose what I watch based on my preferences.

    Please don’t try to convince me that a guy fucking a pussy is gay sex. If a guy fucking a trans woman is trans sex, a guy fucking a trans man is trans sex.

  7. I did enjoyed his content to the moment, I saw his dick in vagina. It has since dropped off my radar of interests. No matter how identifies the person to whom vagina is attached, on the screen it’s still straight sex, and calling it gay sex is insulting to say the least.

  8. Jesus fucking christ, why is this place so transphobic? Why does everything on here devolve into a transphobic rant fest?

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