Lucas, Kyle Fox, Johnny McLeod or John Bronco? (September 2021)

The weekly poll winners for the month of September 2021.

Week 1 – Luca of Active Duty

Week 2 – Kyle Fox of Lucas Entertainment

Week 3 – Johnny McLeod of Fresh Men

Week 4 – John Bronco of Himeros TV

Vote for your favorite model of the month.

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Luca, Kyle Fox, Johnny McLeod or John Bronco?
707 votes
Ends on 10/31/2021

8 thoughts on “Lucas, Kyle Fox, Johnny McLeod or John Bronco? (September 2021)

  1. John Branco isn’t new. He’s been hot on the OnlyFans scene for a while now doing hardcore scenes with other popular gay porn models

  2. John is a strange one. Straight, married I believe, (urgh, that tanline) but can’t seem to get enough up his ass. I’m not complaining! If anything, I think he’s being underused. I’d personally love to see him take Gabriel Cross’ place and appear in every guy’s OnlyFans.

      1. Ah, Gabriel…you’re not allowed to have an OnlyFans unless you have at least one video with him. It’s either in the small print of singing up, or he pays to cameo.

        1. He gets to live rent free in your head, Reg, so I doubt he’s paying to appear in other men’s only fans.

    1. I thought Himeros TV only used models who are actually gay or bi? Seems like I remember Davy saying that in one of his youtube videos

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