Aaron James, Wolf Hudson, Vince Rockland, Zeb Atlas & Zach Randall (March to May 2008)

Aaron James [movies], who was introduced in 2007 by College Dudes, played as himself in an episode of MTV’s True Life titled I Work In The Sex Industry where he stated that he was a straight guy who works in gay porn.

At that time, his MySpace profile stated he was straight but attracted very much to certain men.

As of right now, I am straight. The twist on my story is that I am attracted very much to certain men. Unfortunately, so far the men I have met in my life that I attracted lead a life style that is a turn off to me… Eventually I will meet a man who is attractive, leads a responsible life style, and shows me respect. Until then, I am a straight guy waiting to become a bi/gay gay…

Wolf Hudson [movies] as the gay porn star retired according to his MySpace.

Wolf Hudson is no more: March 28, 2008

He used the name Kane Rivers for straight porn. But, up until now, he is still known as Wolf Hudson.

Vince Rockland [movies], the brother of Hal Rockland [movies], who started in 1994, sent an update about his life to his Yahoo Group.

Vince for Falcon Studios [left] and current photo sent by Vince in 2008 [right]
I have worked in concrete, although I never worked in construction of any type for any substantial length of time. It's my younger brother, Hal, who is the construction worker. He's been working in concrete since he was about 15. About 8 years ago he started his own company in CO Spgs. He's been doing extremely well, and some of the projects that he's undertaken in the last few years include concrete replica of coral reefs for a large hotel in Dubai, and concrete art work in the Bahamas.

I have worked various jobs, though none would qualify as a career for me. I am a musician. I have always been a musician and I will always be a musician. It's not a mindset that's conducive to a great - or even suitable - financial success in anything else. My most recent financial set-back put me into the quandary that no musician ever wants to be in: pawning off music equipment. For me that was possibly the worst emotional blow that I've ever experienced as an adult. But that's life. We have to make choices to survive, and some of them are... difficult, and certainly uncomfortable.

The first to suck the cock of Zeb Atlas.

Zach Randall [movies] has been wearing a hearing aid in his scenes since he started in 2006 for sites like Chaos Men.

7 thoughts on “Aaron James, Wolf Hudson, Vince Rockland, Zeb Atlas & Zach Randall (March to May 2008)

  1. Aarón James MySpace post is laughable. If only more “G4p” were that transparent. So basically you’re a closet case who doesn’t want the label gay or bi so you sleep in a straight blanket to preserve your fragile ego. Got it. Other gay pornstars have said similar such as they like the male anatomy but are heteroromantic but sleeping with men still means you’re at least bi by definition. What’s Aaron doing now¿

    1. It was the 2000s. Still a mostly homophobic society, so guys didn’t want to outright label themselves as they do today. But on the other hand, they sort of admitted to their attractions bluntly, rather than the word salad of pretentiousness that gets posted on Twitter/Tumblr today.

      Wonder where he is today? I heard he has a wife and is right wing in Florida.

  2. Oh I had such a crush on Zach Randall. Totally my type, and the hearing aid made me kinda proud that someone so hot wasn’t unreasonably kept out of his rightful success just because of that kind of obvious visible difference.

    1. I thought he was so cute and a good performer. I don’t know how to articulate this exactly, but the hearing aid gave him a sense of vulnerability that made me like him even more. Plus, he did a lot of piss scenes (yeah, I’m a perv), some with Mike Roberts, who was typically a stiff but seemed to be into it, maybe.

  3. Aaron James was very cute. He had a nice body, “looked” like he loved kissing and sucking men. He didnt do a lot of scenes but the ones he did do he looked totally into it and spunky. I wish he would make a cum back.
    Zach Randall always was/is a hot guy. Even his work at www.boys-smoking/pissing was fun to watch because he is way into sex with guys.

  4. Wolf Hudson used to get under my skin because I thought he was a liar. He was on a panel with other porn stars at USC several years ago, talking about the industry, and he was insistent that he was G4P and said that he had “never, not one time” enjoyed getting penetrated. I was like, Dude, you’re not that good an actor where you can will your dick to get rock hard in scenes, which he always was getting fucked.

    Fast forward to today, and now that he’s making his own content, he is ravenous for cock. I don’t follow him that closely, but it seems like most, if not all his scenes, whether his own stuff or for Devils Films, is bi, but he cannot wait to get a dick up his ass. I saw a bonkers bi orgy—think it was 8 guys and 4 women—and he seemed a lot more interested in taking all the dicks than fucking the females. I think he’s gotten over not enjoying it. 🙂

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