Ajay, Eddie Stone, Nickolay Petrov, Roman Heart, Benjamin Bradley, Barrett Long, Chris Strokes & Harley (February 2008)

Ajay (2006) of Sean Cody was now known as Aaron Savvy whose self titled website (now gone) offered fitness training. He returned at Sean Cody in 2013 and then in 2018 as Aaron Savvy [movies] as an exclusive of Falcon Studios.

One of the last scenes of Eddie Stone [movies], who has retired from gay porn to go back to school, was released.

Nickolay Petrov [movies] admitted to FBI detectives that he was hired to scare a couple for $2000.

The U.S. State Attorney's Office has charged 23-year-old for traveling in interstate commerce with intent to kill, injure, harass or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass or intimidate another person… He later admitted to FBI detectives that he was hired to scare the couple because they owed money to some individuals and refused to pay the debt.

Roman Heart, who died in 2019, sent a message to his fans on Yahoo Groups.

Hey yes it's the real me. But a little about myself, I consider myself to be a normal guy … I currently live in Los Angeles California with two of my best friends… I try to surround myself with good energy… a lot of people in Los Angeles and else where will criticize me for what ever reason or make assumptions, but really what only matters is that my close friends think I'm amazing and they know me better then any stranger on the street.. There opinion matters the most to me… I grew up shy and didn't really party and go clubbing at a younger age in high school, so I think I am now making up for it, I enjoy going out with my friends and being goofy and doing stupid shit.. Life is not about taking yourself too serious, thats when you stop having fun ! I enjoy being outdoors, I'm the only person around my age that has a tent , lol. I love the water and Nature in general… My passion is the environment.. . every paper I have written has been regarding the environment and nature, I grew up with it , and it's something i still take a lot of interest in … 

While, Benjamin Bradley, on My Space (now gone), talked about his love for Roman Heart on Valentine’s Day.

In the fall of 2004 I met and started dating (to most known as) Roman Heart. That Christmas he did something really special and cute for me. I had a whole bunch of artsy-fartsy Madonna related photographs laying around my house that I was meaning to frame or do something special with, but I never seemed to find the time to do. One day when he was visiting me he took all the photos without me knowing and framed and matted each one, and gave them back to me for Christmas. It was really special and meant something to me, and I remember thinking how embarrassed I was that what I had gotten him something that didn't take any creativity or personalization, just some cute clothes that I had found that I thought would look good on him.   

So when Valentines day came around February of 2005, I wanted to do something that took time and energy, and showed I really cared. One of my favorite photographs of his was a model shot he had done for a clothing company. It was a black and white profile shot of him leaning against a white background…. So I made my own artist rendition of it, and drew it, and framed it. 

Anyway.. four years later, I found it, and thought I would share the drawing. I get lots of requests from people to show more of my artwork, and I really enjoyed this piece.

Barrett Long, who first worked for Dirk Yates, former owner of Active Duty, has been exclusively working for str8 porn.

Now with over 1000+ scenes in str8 porn, Chris Strokes was serviced by Jake Cruise.

Harley of Sean Cody bottomed for the first time with Cooper as his top. As Simon Dexter, he announced his retirement in 2009.

I have decided to take a full plunge into pursuing my career outside of Internet porn and attempt to go full mainstream entertainment. Though there was one error in what was written on the site, I'm not going into music but acting and modeling. And as for the straight porn, it is a possibility, however more likely then not I will be mainly focusing on main stream media. Now, that's not to say I wont come back, but you, my fans, would need to write Sean and ask to have me back ;)

14 thoughts on “Ajay, Eddie Stone, Nickolay Petrov, Roman Heart, Benjamin Bradley, Barrett Long, Chris Strokes & Harley (February 2008)

  1. Nickolay had a really good scene before he committed his crime. I remember finding him very hot.

    Harley post Sean Cody was insufferable. He was the first batch of pornstars ruining the fantasy before Twitter. Remember when he and that model turned boring pornstars were “roommates” and then it went south. I did always like the fact that he just left porn at its peak even though he was delusional about being a model. Cute guy, but not runaway material.

    Chris Strokes is a drug addicted now, begging and scamming his “fans” who are mostly gay cause we need to be fools and the straight saver no matter how pathetic a straight guy is.

    1. Stokes hasn’t pulled away from guys completely. You know how that goes. He’s always puff and passing with John Johnson aka Ace Rockwood and then having a jerk or oral session with him. Most likely they do more work including bi stuff. Ugh

      1. I have no interest in a dope fiend, no offense. I’m not that hard up for dick that I would find still try to have sex with one. To Chris, get well soon.

    2. Insufferable is exactly the right word, although “obnoxious” works too. He had a blog or something? He was starting an underwear line, supposedly.

  2. Barrett Long, jesus, what a fucking snooze that one was. Huge cock and shot big long-distance loads, but as a performer, he was a poured-out lump of dead flesh. There was an amateur thing he shot with Jason Crew in Vegas and that was decent because he seemed to be into Jason. But the AD stuff was horrible.

    1. To think he has an escort profile on Rentmen too. He looks so much older. It’s startling.

  3. I don’t think Eddie Stone ever got enough credit. As a porn performer he ALWAYS brought the heat. This guy was usually going at it like a sex crazed demon ( I mean that in a good way )
    I actually talked with him a few times and he was a very very nice guy, acted like he didn’t know how attractive he was.
    Roman Heart is as sad a story as you can get. The guy had it all, great looks, great body, perfect hair, nice ass and cock. He was in demand BIG TIME and had to make a good amount of $. He was all over the video and magazine racks at every adult bookstore/movie place for a long time.
    Then when Benjamin Bradley cheated on him and left him, it broke his heart ( no pun intended )
    Then came the slide into drug use and soon after death way too soon.
    Don’t remember Aaron Savvy or Chris Strokes at all……………

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