Alex Mecum is the first to top Bo Sinn

Men shared a teaser of the bottoming debut of Bo Sinn that did not show the top. But, the scene description they sent via email had the name of Alex Mecum as the top.

Dr. Alex Mecum rushes to put Bo Sinn in the scanner to discover the cause of his symptoms, but as Bo's hospital gown rides up, the doc can immediately see what the issue is: a big set of anal beads in Bo's ass. Alex gently removes the beads, then fingers the patient's hole as he sucks Bo's big dick. It's time for Bo's treatment as Alex fucks him missionary in the scanner, giving Bo's hole the filling it needs. Bo may be bottoming, but he shows Alex who's boss as he demands to get fucked harder, then pushes the doc down on the bed and rides his dick. Bo bends over to get fucked doggystyle till Alex pulls out and cums on his ass, then pushes the doc down to take a hot facial.

The scene will be released this Wednesday.

If you are a fan of Alex Mecum, he is the first guy to be shared by the Delgaty bros (not brothers) at Men.

14 thoughts on “Alex Mecum is the first to top Bo Sinn

  1. Sorry, but this is NOT sexy at all. Bo Sinn looks like a Satan worshipper who hasn’t showered at all in the last six months, and the premise of him “losing” his anal virginity in a hospital (can you imagine anything more unsanitary?), is not appealing in the slightest; not even Alex Mecum’s Ken doll-esque good looks could achieve that… Of course, when you mix disgusting and bland, the results will never be stellar.

    Anyway, congratulations to him for providing everyone with the least expected, most unconvincing “deflowering” in history.

  2. I think you got the scoop on this! Congrats!

    Anyway, unlike the haters I’m actually looking forward to this. I find Bo to be attractive in an unconventional way, and I’m glad that his top is a gay man who can give him a good pounding! Here’s to more of this!

  3. It will be, what, a two minute penetration scene… maybe? Or Bo will flip Alex over and power fuck him as revenge?

  4. They stated that Bo Sinn was going to be topped by someone from Canada. Now Alex is not from Canada he moved there to be with his husband. But is still a visitor there so that makes that statement they stated before as being false. And I don’t understand why they would put someone as handsome as Alex with some fugly person like Bo.

  5. What a missed opportunity Alex Mecum is usually a bottom and he isn’t that masculine. Trent King another Canadian should of been chosen. Trent is masculine has a huge cock and the interracial aspect would of helped the video. Bo Sinn getting fucked by a white guy who usually bottoms is such a waste.

    1. It definitely should have been Trent King. He bottomed for Bo 2-3 times already. Would have been good for a repay the favor type of scene. Bo sucking Trent’s cock was pretty hot albeit I only cared about Trent in the equation.

      I won’t watch cause I think Bo is gross.

  6. Token gesture! You can see Alex then bottoming for him, so it’ll be Alex giving a couple of shallow thrusts, so Bo can be said to have “bottomed”, but then he’ll fuck Alex hard in return.

    This is pitiful. If Bo was going to bottom, then he doesn’t get to top in the scene whatsoever. This is a one-sided flip-flop, not Bo really giving it up.

    1. Ah, sorry about that…I hadn’t realized that that last photo was from a different video. I’m still not convinced that we’re going to get a show from Bo as a bottom though and I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex really does bottom too.

  7. Don’t yell at me-I’m a BIG fan of Bo Sinn- was since I first saw him in str8 porn. I hate that he keeps adding those disgusting tats, because in his very early work, he looks much sexier and cuter before all that gross ink. But he’s still hot. He’s rough, nasty as fuck. I was SO excited about this “bottoming” debut, but now that its Alex, I’ve gone from YEA!!! to “meh”, and that teaser clip only made it worse. It looks like a few quick fake ass edited pumps (the usual bullshit MEN.COM camera tricks to cover up fake fucking, fake cum shots, etc.) Alex gets fucked so much, that making him the top is laughable. Bo needs an equally dominant, rough, nasty top to match his machismo. Alex does NOT- by a mile. Just as predicted……… it looks like MEN.COM just fucking dropped the ball on what would have been a MAJOR hot scene of the year. But this is MEN.COM, I knew they would fuck this up. And going by the teaser and selection of top, they did it once again. I”m still your fan Bo, but you deserve a MUCH more worthy top and BETTER QUALITY studio to pop your tight ass cherry. What a waste.

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