Clark Delgaty, Gay Hoopla, Disruptive Films & a racist (?) comment

Brothers As Exclusives (correction: Not Brothers)

Men announced this week that Clark Delgaty, brother of Malik Delgaty, is now their exclusive model.


Gay Hoopla with a fauxcest themed scene with Jeremy Barker and his step dad (aka Alex Cox). The scene was “leaked” from their secret menu – a secret menu that only members can access, meaning it was re-released.

Cannes Film Festival Material

An upcoming scene from Disruptive Films tagged as #CannesFilmFestival nominee.

Nathaniel Arnold (Adam Ramzi) is back in his hometown for his father's funeral. The place is steeped in memories for him, and many of those memories include Tony Lyons (Andre Donovan). The two had a clandestine relationship in high school. Though time has passed, there's still a connection between Nathaniel and Tony. They explore the relationship while exploring themselves.

Racist Comment?

I received an email that I should delete Andy’s comment on the Johnny Angel post.


  1. Res1

    As a person of color myself, I’m not going to get into what is or isn’t offensive to someone else.

    Gayhoopla has reposted secret menu scenes as if they were new many times. The site has sucked all year, so it’s not wonder why they’re relying on old content. Isn’t that scene from like 2019? Wow.

  2. Billy Lewinsky

    Clark Delgaty another gay for pay, boring, sexy? yes but a meaningless white wall and you know what? the sad thing is that many of those who read these lines are going to pay for the content where this nefarious being appears and they will say that it is the best thing in the world.

    • Seriously

      Billy Lewinsky: “meaningless white wall” Racist Much??

  3. BottomBoyFromBrazil (@bottom_brazil)

    Is there anything that Gayhoopla does that doesn’t feel like a (failed) stunt?

  4. JJ

    I know it can seem racist because ridiculing Asian men for their dick size is a thing, but I don’t think this post was racist.

    I love Jeremy Barker!?

  5. R47

    Post on another site. Malik stated and the site agreed, Clark is NOT his brother

    • Reg

      Nope. No relationship WHATSOEVER. It’s all a pretty terrible gimmick. They’re not even doing the Czech thing of faux incest, because they’re both lacklustre tops.

  6. "Tigger68

    Gayhoopla is really getting very boring at this point they state that they are going BB in their videos but they keep using the same models which is really boring. They have a lot of models on the site but they do not use any of them. Maybe bc they don’t want to do BB with other models and want to remain using condoms. If gayhoopla keeps this up they may end up losing many subs in the process. I don’t care to watch any of the videos that are being released bc of this reason.

    • Reg

      Getting? Was it EVER interesting?

  7. Matty

    I’m over these G4Pers. We do not need them. There are tons and tons of hot GAY men, why do studios keep hiring straight men that don’t even seem to enjoy being near naked men, let alone fuck them?

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