Collin Simpson, Shane of Sean Cody & Julian Brady

Collin Simpson tweeted last February that he filmed his last scene for porn to start a family. He now wants a comeback for the same reason – family.

Shane is back at Sean Cody after a year with his scene as the bottom to Chris (aka Xavier Zane).

Julian Brady is back at Next Door Studios after a year with his scene with Justin Matthews. This is probably an old scene filmed at the same time as his Next Door Taboo scene released last February since the twitter account created for him by Next Door Studios has not been updated since July 2020.

60 thoughts on “Collin Simpson, Shane of Sean Cody & Julian Brady

  1. Collin Simpson, please stay the F out of gay porn! You and other mentally disturbed “gay4pay” have done enough damage to gay porn, along with the pathetic self-loathing gay men that continue to support you. Please do us a favour and stick to vagina.

  2. Our Dear 110% heterosexual dad Colin is back!.Lets help him for the 1000th time by giving him our love and gay $$$.

  3. Collin is a joke… u are not missed, no need to return to gay porn. If you need $ get a job with benefits to help your family. There are many companies looking for help.

  4. Collin is pathetic he can get a regular job he doesn’t have to suck cock and get fucked up the ass. This man is queer he isn’t straight. He takes dick really easy up his tight juicy ass. Collin admit you are bisexual and get over it. No man who is truly straight would work in gay porn for so long. You love the money and getting your ass blown out by other men.

    1. Exactly he’s one of these gay for pay it’s really the queers fault they try to go around like that we got me a straight boy fantasy the guy takes cock up the ass and sucks cock what straight guys really going to do that he can go around and fuck the hottest bitches in straight porn. But no he’d rather suck cock and take one up the ass because he’s straight. Please

  5. In his rambling tweets Collin says that he has two amazing kids and a fiance and has run through all his savings, but if he does 3 porn shoots he will be back on his feet with a home for his family. He’s either lying or delusional. He should get a real job, take some night courses at a community college or vocational-tech school and be more employable and better able to provide for his family – if he actually has one. Is Collin telling us that his fiance is a man because fiancee refers to a woman to whom someone is engaged to be married.

          1. I am laughing, because at one point in his life, he was apparently training to become a doctor. He used to call himself “doctorproctor”, but I’m guessing the nearest he’ll get to a hospital going forward is either in the delivery room, or as the next David Fuller.

            1. I predict he enters the hospital with a toe tag…… Which by the way is the only way he will stop doing and enjoying gay porn and cock.

    1. Well his bitch must really be screwed up as he is she’s completely lost how many straight women would put up with this shit.

  6. Colin never stated that he had any children when he was in the porn industry before and now a year later he has 2 children. You really need to stay out of the industry and your homophobic beliefs. You can find a good paying job out there in the world to be able to support your “family”. You really don’t want to work a real job to earn your money. All you want to do is work for a day and get more money than you would in a week at a real job. You are really pathetic and lazy if you are not willing to work a normal job. How good of a father are you going to be for your children if you are doing porn to earn your money. You expect the gay community to support you like Sean Costin is wanting to happen. You really are as pathetic as he is. Doing porn is not setting a good example for them when they get older and find out what you did to support them. I heard McDonald’s is hiring and they start off at 10 an hour. This would be the ideal job for you so that no one would have to look at your fugly face. You really wouldn’t be able to be a model unless they were modeling paper bags as face coverings. Do us all a favor and stay out of gay porn go to straight porn then you can have all the pussy you want.

    1. I believe his fiancé was a single mom when they met. He’s willing to raise other men’s children lol. But he does want a child of his own seed.

      Yet can barey afford two kids that aren’t even his!

      1. Even I as a gay man know you NEVER date a single mom. They are a huge red flag. There are videos on YouTube straight men warning other men to NEVER date a single mom. Remember the single mom sees the new guy as a sucker he is an ATM! As one straight guy said on YouTube the man in a relationship with a single mom always loses. The responsibility of the husband but not the authority.

        1. I think Jaxton Wheeler’s kids were his, by I don’t know how many women. Aspen Solomon always claimed not to know for sure if they were his (and threatened to run away if they were), but then dated women with more children in tow after he left his baby momma. master_saevus from Chaturbate knocks off an older women who has kids and posts photos from her children’s bedroom…the list goes on. It takes real commitment to make a life with someone else’s children and to be a stepdad, but I’ve yet to see a gay4pay porn star stay more than just as a token gesture and basically…just as long as it takes to fuck the mom. I swear that it’s bitterly cruel to the children and I don’t know who’s more to blame…these men who overcompensate for their “jobs” as gay porn stars, for the desperate women willing to accept absolutely ANYONE; either for a substitute for their children’s father or accepting them into their children’s lives, usually just for sex and fuck whatever happens to their children for letting these perverts into all of their lives.

    2. Yeah he’s totally selfish just thinking of himself what is his kids going to think when they find out he was taking cock up the ass and sucking cock and he’s putting pressure on them with their contemporaries as they grow up pretty sad

  7. Geez, kinda amusing to see all the hateful comments. If the guy wants to do gay porn again that’s fine. That’s his decision and if you don’t want to watch it, that’s your decision – but no need to go on rants about it and just spew hate. It’s amazing the vile, nasty stuff people will write when they believe they are anonymous and won’t be held accountable. It’s also amazing this is a porn blog and all the shade in the comments about the industry and people who use it to earn a living, put themselves through school, or make some cash on the side. It’s not shameful, it’s a job.

    1. Why are you acting like he’s the victim of people’s ‘nasty comments’ and not that he brought this criticism on to himself by being a homophobic, self-centered prick? The person that needs to be held accountable for A LOT of hateful and ignorant speech is the person you’re defending. There’s nothing sadder than a gay man dedicating time to defend someone who couldn’t care less about them.

      1. Thank you for stating this because this ass wipe has even used the word faggot toward a gay person and had no place to say this. He is a homophobic prick and should really stay out of the gay porn industry. And anyone that is willing to defend such a piece of trash should really consider what their sexuality is and know that a person that is willing to use these kind of words towards a gay person is not worth the time or the money of dealing with him. But there will always that one that will feel sorry for him and sympathize for him no matter what he does or says. They are just as pathetic as he is.

      2. Why are you defending people writing “vile, nasty” things? News flash, being “gay for pay” doesn’t mean you’re homophobic. People need to stop projecting their self-loathing onto others.

        1. Except he is actually homophobic and there’s a lot of evidence. The fact you side with a homophobic straight man in detriment to people from your own community is just sad, really.

          1. Sure Jan! There is a lot of evidence. I’m sure a bunch of bitter people spewing vitriol on a a blog will show him!

                1. ROFL… yeah, and the affect of spew of bitterness from these outrage of the day folks will have the same effect on me that they have on Simpson. Nothing.

            1. There’s literally screenshots of his instagram account calling gay ppl faggots. Stop acting like a self-loathing bitch defending him. He ain’t gon’ fuck you, sweetie. Or go pay for his OF! No one is stopping you.

        2. The only person self-loathing here is you defending an homophobe. You’re pathetic, gay men like you do more harm to the gay community.

    2. People are just pointing out Collin Simpson homophobia. The guy is calling gay men faggots on Twitter. Yet this jerk has had MORE sex with other men than most gay men. Calling gay men faggot yet getting his ass blown out by other men. Collin needs to check his homophobia. At this point a bit ridiculous for a man who takes 8 inch cocks up his butt so easily like Collin to be homophobic. He works in gay porn because he loves gay sex and the money. Just be honest about it.

  8. Who else knew this was coming a year ago? Oh, I have no doubt that he’s actually overcompensating by ruining a woman’s life and also those of children…if she doesn’t have the sense to separate them, or the State doesn’t step in, then I’ll be surprised. He was always going to keep doing porn. I have no doubt that a series of post-dated videos are about to appear, which were shot during his “retirement”.

    If he’s sober or stays that way, then I’m a Dutchman and the bitterness, hate and spite he’s known for, certainly haven’t been overcome. The sorry excuse of a man is a joke and I feel so very sorry for his children. No one deserves such a terrible start in life.

  9. Personally, I want him to not come back. I’m not trying to see the exact same thing that’s flooded the gay porn scene. I don’t want to see a guy come back just to bad mouth what he’s using for clout. This embodies what’s wrong with the gay adult industry. We have about 49 Colin Simpson running around like bed bugs in the gay porn realm. Most of them hail from Canada.

    Even though he’s sucking them, rimming them and lathering himself in semen from them, he’s stated he hates dicks and hairy balls and asses. So if that’s the case… he should comeback to the str8 side only and leave us alone. NEWSFLASH! he wouldn’t dare. Why you may ask?!

    It’s simple…

    Even though he hates it… he misses getting all that hot gay sex on a regular basis. May sound crude but it’s the total truth. That hetero life is kicking his ass.

    Colin is bisexual and he may try to cover it up, deny it, flaunt females and go on homophobic rants left and right but he likes better yet LOVES men too. For him it’s a win win. He gets paid to perform what he secretly loves. Well it’s the gays job to say.. no ma’am ATM closed and ACCESS DENIED.

    1. You totally hit the nail on the head in terms of a question I had, which is this: look, you’ve been in gay porn and (apparently) hated it, hated the attention “fans” were giving you, and let off with some (seriously) homophobic rants. You managed to alienate yourself from at least one studio, and maybe two? You infer that your gay sex had to do with a need to fill your drug addictions. You left to be more “healthy” , which you downright said meant “heterosexual”, with all the shade that cast. You retired (again) vowing to not be back.

      And now you’re talking about a comeback. Here’s the thing (and to your point): if it is about easy money in addition to this (supposed) job you have, why not just do straight porn? Yeah, I know male actors are paid less, but you could do – I don’t know- 10 or 11 instead of 3 videos and wiht OnlyFans (presumably) make the money with none of the stigma you’ve associated with gayness. Look at how many performers have “crossed over” to Brazzers? It’s a thing.

      The logical assumption is you want to come back to gay porn because there is something about that type of porn (read: the sex) you find enticing and aren’t getting in your life. And desperation (and a need for money) is just what you need to get your sexual desires filled and ego boosted because you miss the sex (which you said you didn’t need) and the attention (which you said you hated)..

      PS – taking this laughable story at face value, what could occur to a person working steadily that requires a direct and quick influx of cash that he’s implying? Answer: nothing good.

    2. I agree it is ludicrous for Collin to deny his bisexuality at this point. The dude is getting fucked up the ass by tons of men. I find it hard to believe a man who hates gay sex would do what Collin is doing. He also getting his cock sucked well by other men too. People making excuses for Collin is silly. If Collin wants to provide for his family get a real legit job.

      1. Collin has had sex with more men than most ordinary every day out and proud gay and bisexual men…and he just can’t handle it.

    3. ”We have about 49 Colin Simpson running around like bed bugs in the gay porn realm. Most of them hail from Canada”
      hahahahahha SO TRUE!

  10. I’m gonna wish him luck. Meaning, I’d rather spend my time and my money on Chad Taylor or Pierce Paris. Like they just like sex…..they are happy to have sex if we’re willing to pay to see it. That’s how it should be. Maybe I don’t have a bleeding heart anymore…..but it’s 2021. if you and your partner are “Okay” with the method, you shouldn’t be complaining about method. Like we remember Randy of Sean Cody.

  11. Collin Simpson is terribly conflicted about doing gay porn. I hope he somehow saves enough money to maybe learn a trade like plumbing so he can earn a good living without having to do porn anymore.

  12. It was hot seeing handsome muscular Julian Brady bottoming for Justin Matthews and Scott Finn. In the After Sex conversation Scott and Julian seemed to enjoy each others company. Julian said he was surprised that Scott was strong enough to pick him up and fuck him in the air. Julian pointed out that Scott’s guns were not big, but prompted by the interviewer, he kissed Scott’s bicep but called it vanilla to which Scott laughingly replied bitch. It was fun to watch their interactions.

  13. First of all, Collin, there are 2 or 3 Amazon warehouses near where you’re currently living so as a minimum you should be working at one of them since that’s the best job you’ll ever have. Second, please do not move back to the Las Vegas area since those of us who live there really don’t need anyone moving here from the white supremacist capital of America. Third, it would probably be best, living where you do, to not do any more porn since it will most likely involve a person of color fucking you in the ass, which will not go over well when you return to the white supremacist capital of America.

  14. Geez, what a bunch of bitter bitches.

    Collin may be straight, but he put in good performances.

    1. I admit that my comment about Collin posted above was too negative and bitchy. What Collin does with the rest of his life is his business and not mine and you are right when you say that he put in good performances.

    2. Good? Seriously? Flopping around flaccid, making ridiculous faces and sounds, visibly despising what he’s doing (although there’s the very real possibility that he LOVES it, but just doesn’t want to admit it) and generally making a sideshow of himself, in front of the camera and even more so behind it.

  15. Please support my comeback or I will have to start shooting up live on Chaturbate for tokens again. I will not be able to be a breadwinner for my 2 small children Anabolic Steroids and her little brother GHB.

    1. Collin is a variant spelling of the Gaelic name Colin. On all Simpson’s scenes at GayHoopla he is identified as Collin and he uses Collin on his tweets.

    2. He had apparently abandoned his gay porn name entirely and for months was using his real one of Proctor. He always said that “Collin” was dead and buried and yet, he’s kept using it (to talk about his fiancée and kids through) and now he’s back to making porn. He’s one of these guys who seriously will have a video of hardcore porn in one Tweet and then an ultrasound scan in the next. Am I the only one to find that really sick? He’s got no separation whatsoever in his life, because he started off as the all-American boy next door on GayHoopla and turned into a bitter steroid mess.

    1. He’ll never fuck you. Just so you know that. He’ll shame you publicly on Twitter, naming names and with screenshots, he might even batter you…but he doesn’t deserve support in any way, shape or form. Pity perhaps, certainly for his children, but never support.

  16. Just speechless about the comments and how much time some of you spend into stalking all those porn guys and knowing everything about their private lives. It’s really disturbing!

    1. What’s really disturbing is that you can defend these idiots that degrade anyone that is gay and you don’t see that the stuff that is put on these blogs is exactly what they put on their social pages. These g4p’s can degrade gay people and still make money off of them and then say what they want on their social media pages and then people like you come and defend what they are saying or doing. If your going to say that you are speechless then stay off these blogs and remain speechless. Speechless means no talking. If these porn stars don’t like what is being said about them they they need to either watch what they say or just get out of the business all together. There are a lot of porn stars that are g4p and don’t make rude and mean comments about anyone. These are the ones that can stay in the business all the other ones need to just go find a job or get out of the porn business.

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