13 thoughts on “Colton of Corbin Fisher

  1. In that 2012 scene 6’2″ 190 ripped muscular Connor took 5’8″ 145 Colton on a tour of pound town. It was a hot scene. It might even be hotter to see a rematch, now almost nine years later, where Connor would take the way more muscular Colton to pound town or if Connor is in the mood he could let Colton be the tour guide.

  2. The sleeve was a mistake, but he otherwise looks great! Why couldn’t he have looked like this when he bottoming his heart out on CF though?

  3. It’s almost a guarantee that more tattoos come into play whenever there are such ‘then and now’ posts, sadly mostly for the worse.

  4. I just checked out his Twitter account. Wow! He is POOOPULAR! For a male porn star, having followers in the six figures is a lot!

    1. He’s been building a following since before the Tumblr ban. He would fill his accounts with gorgeous photography and artistic nudes. He also has shown he’s a tender hearted person who values family and friends and meeting new people, on the road while travelling. He’s interesting.

      1. I see. I didn’t know that about him.

        In his OF clips posted in his tweets he comes across as a sexually aggressive fucker.

          1. He has a video of Diego Grant fucking him on his Only Fans, not sure how many more scenes like that.

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