Episode 1 of the collaboration of Belami Online & Sean Cody

Tom Houston of Belami Online as the top to Justin of Sean Cody.

Justin shot his load while he was fucked. While, Tom shot his load on Justin’s face and Justin ate some of the cum of Tom.

You can download the video at Belami Online but not at Sean Cody if you joined only to stream their content.


  1. OldFatGuy

    IDK they don’t tell us the age of either guy but I’m getting a twink fucks stepdad vibe. I guess its the difference in face and body hair.

    • Ichigo

      I feel like MEN.COM has severely warped everyone’s perception of age.

  2. bo

    Excellent beginning, and of course Justin eats a monster load.

  3. trex

    Are the clips the same at both sites? They are not the same length.

  4. Matty

    Why wasn’t this a flip flop? They didn’t have much chemistry anyway… Granted, Bel Ami models don’t have much chemistry with ANYONE EVER.

    • camillebe89

      You such a hater. Bel Ami is a great company and most important of all: it has the most beautiful man in Porn.

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