Fraternity X & Slam Rush are unable to accept new members due to a complaint filed against them with Mastercard

Fraternity X & Slam Rush have stopped accepting new members.

Mastercard has suspended their account due to a complaint filed against them with regards to the content of their sites. To comply with the rules of Mastercard, videos are being re-edited. And, the two sites will be relaunched with new domain names.

Last week MasterCard received an anonymous complaint about explicit content on the Fraternityx and SlamRush websites which caused our credit card processors to pause our ability to accept new members. We are now in the process of re-editing the videos and we will be re-launching both sites on new domains.

UPDATE (11/11/21) Issue with Mastercard has been resolved since you can now join the site using your credit card.

11 thoughts on “Fraternity X & Slam Rush are unable to accept new members due to a complaint filed against them with Mastercard

  1. The videos go too far and although there might be a script it comes across as rape. The videos are disgusting The use of drugs like meth. Also the male who gets raped in these videos tends to be young like barely legal.

  2. People need to relax & stop being so PC. It’s porn/fantasy, if you don’t like it just don’t watch.

    1. It’s not being PC when people recognize and condemn SLAMRUSH for showing or pretending to show guys using meth. Meth has destroyed tens of thousands of lives and has killed many people. What’s next? Snuff films?

      1. Sadly, it does influencers in the gay culture especially in the downlow straight hookup on how to treat gay men nothing more than a used rag doll to cum and leave. So now straight dudes into this will now treat the gay men who actually likes them like shit and along with dominate gay dudes treating gay men like shit. Cheating on each other and get into this kind of scene becoming toxic. It’s now oozing into the gay community on how they treat bottoms like rag dolls toxic. In the end mentally abusing it and not even knowing it until it’s too late. Yes, it’s a fantasy and all but don’t be treated like this if you’re bottom and surrounded by these type of toxic masculine men straight or not or even bi, that’s all how they will see you after.

  3. The idea of these videos is a lot of fun…but the execution is shocking. Orgies, where you can’t tell who’s who, invariably the best looking guys do nothing and the camera angles, video quality and absolutely everything about the editing is shocking. I know they might be going for that “realistic filmed with my camera bit”, but the porn still has to be watchable.

  4. The way things are going nowadays, I guess every video has to begin with a long written legal disclaimer making it clear that its all actors acting out an imagined fantasy or fetish for entertainment purposes, that every one was really drug and alcohol free, that every one was really consenting in advance for everything that’s about to happen, that it is not intended to encourage drug or alcohol use or abusive behavior, and anything else that might need to be made legally clear in a disclaimer. And they will probably need to have the same disclaimer at the top of every page on their website.

    1. Up until a couple of years ago there actually were disclaimers at the very beginning of every scenes where they specified that certain stories were fictional and that in the case of barebacking to get tested and use all the necessaries safe sex tools.

  5. Ok everyone, so hold your horses. Think for a second. We’re shutting down porn over drugs? And it’s not ANYONE actually involved in the production, it’s just the appearance of drugs on camera, right?

    What’s next? Are non-porn movies and TV shows also not allowed to show drugs? Does every movie and TV show dealing with the subject matter of drugs supposed to hold our hands and make sure we recognize, know, understand and appreciate drugs and addiction and alcoholism and cigarette smoking and lung cancer and, and, and? Do you see where this is going? So, movies and TV shows showing rape and murder and sexual abuse, are they also supposed to make sure the viewer doesn’t get the wrong idea??? And makes sure the viewer thinks what he should think?

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