Are you ready for Thanksgiving themed scenes? It just started.

The latest update at Men is Wide Country Hole with Alex Mecum and Trent King.

Mayor Alex Mecum storms off after his secret lover Trent King has a little too much fun with an eggplant at the grand opening of the farmers' market. Trent goes after the straight-acting hunk, and Alex proves he's more than a stuffed shirt as Trent sucks his cock behind the hay bales. Trent rims Alex, ripping his pants, so when the public comes looking for their mayor, he has to cover up with a potato sack! Alex gets his revenge by sucking Trent's cock under the table. As soon as they're alone, Trent fucks him doggystyle! The top pounds the mayor against the side of a truck, and Alex orgasms on the country road, then Trent cums in the bottom's hole, the place he belongs!

Men will follow it up with Stuffed For The Guests in two parts.

Throuple Finn Harding, Brent North, and Alex Montenegro are trying to host the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, until it turns out their oven is broken! While Alex races to repair the appliance, Finn is enticed by the sight of his man's ass to fuck him doggystyle on the kitchen floor! Brent hears his boyfriends getting it on and watches as Finn puts Alex on a kitchen cart and fucks him missionary, then calls them to the table where he's waiting, naked and ready to get filled! Alex penetrates Brent's hole as Finn fucks his mouth, then the guys switch spots, making sure this horny bottom is well and truly stuffed. Alex trusses Brent's wrists as they double team him "turkey style." Alex cums all over Brent's face, and Finn finishes with a creampie.
Brent North just finished getting stuffed by his boyfriends when their guests arrive--but he didn't cum yet! While Finn and Alex try to pretend their nude Thanksgiving is just performance art, Brent sets his sights on Malik Delgaty and his big dick, playing footsie with him under the table, then "accidentally" dropping a wooden spoon so he can bend over and spread his hole! Malik takes out his hard cock and feeds it to the hungry twink, then fucks him doggystyle. Finn and Alex keep Malik's BF occupied so the sneaky fuckers can enjoy their holiday stuffing, as Brent lies on the island to get pounded even deeper, then rides the top reverse. Brent finally cums as Malik penetrates him in missionary, then it's Malik's turn to stuff him with a creampie!

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Men

  1. Handsome top man Finn Harding has got two fine bottoms in Brent North and Alex Montenegro. The Finn man is doing mighty fine. He also recently tapped the awesome Boston Booty.

  2. Interesting the first clip of news about a black man fucking a white man yet three negative votes. Why? Trent King is a handsome man and quite frankly he is better than most models black or white. He is versatile. His video with Alex Mecum looks hot. I give it a thumbs up.

    1. Yeah I’m a black man and I don’t like Trent King at all. Lost any liking of him when he did that horrible Why Not Bi bullshit.

  3. Did Alex Mecum do a back log of shoots for Men? Seems like he’s been in a helluva lot of recent releases. If this was back in the day, he would’ve been signed on as an exclusive.

    Don’t get me wrong… love me some Alex Mecum. His last name sums it up… ME want some of his CUM. I hate myself for that last part. Haha.

    The second release with boring ass Finn is just a waste of time. One improvement from the stupid William Seed/Steve Rickz pie smash and ass smash in front of grandma fiasco is that there’s no female cameos but other than that, it’s just not good.

    1. Alex Mecum lives in Montreal with his French Canadian husband Carter Dane. He is probably a Canadian citizen now due to marriage. has production in Montreal they recruit a lot of Canadian models there.

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