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  1. François ’s Straight porn thing is disgusting as fuck and you got homophobic bisexual wolf Hudson praising Francois sagat for not being gay anymore I will not support him again and the funny thing is she made him use a condom because she don’t want to catch an STD from him he is so fake one of his friends called him out for being messed up on lpsg he’s a fucking disgrace I hope his career falls apart you got these weird sexually fluidity and women fans praising him He posted the movie on hisTwitter menofporn https://twitter.com/SagatFrancois/status/1461981525789007875?s=20 this is homophobic I will not support him ever again

      1. No. I believe in nonsense and bullshit. This guy plus many others like him are full of both. The ones who support him and these antics are even higher in both.

  2. I get so sick of these judgy, ignorant gays(Henriksommer) when talk about their view of negatives on PrEP! They should be referred to now as “negative privileged”. They dont want to talk about the thousands of lives saved, HIV not being passed on, the positive mental health effects from being on PrEP etc etc. Nope, just their shitty judgements. How many of us have lost loved ones to AIDS? Too God damn many! I sure as hell bet THEY wished PrEP was around back then! I know I do! JFC! ?

    1. I know he’s a sex worker, but health is important. PreP is good, but it definitely leads to many irresponsible people. How many of those porn models are testing their OnlyFans co-stars and guest stars, and total strangers that cum in them? I’m guessing none. It’s a free for all with none of the rigors the adult studios put in for their bareback content. Such an environment is bound to have someone catching something from another.

  3. I agree with Henrik, I think both porn actors and guys in the gay community are abusing PreP believing it’s candy and it doesn’t really protect against other diseases.

    Stop promoting this Francois Sagat clown, it’s deplorable what these guys are doing with gay porn. Now if you don’t eat a vagina you’re not gay enough? what kind of shit is going on?

    1. Exactly they were literally out here calling gay men misogynistic for not liking vagina and boobs and for not sleeping with a woman it’s all over on Twitter This is why gay men need to stop supporting feminism because their homophobia is showing

  4. So, Mademoiselle knows many, many, many people… How does he manage a strap on that stinks sardines?

  5. Henrik Sommer afraids me. It’s what I watched,,what he told ( … and still tell )…Sorry, but there must be something abnormal going on…That’s why U also think he was/is such a porn prodigy.

  6. Shit. It needs to be a perv to buy that doll. ” He ” is pale as a corpse,,with an eternal hard on and a sad expression on his face.

  7. Sagat has never been on my radar but the fact that he does something like this is a true slap to the face for those who continued to listen to his self proclaimed 200% “gay” words. He’s just another foul guy who supplements the reason why there’s such a disdain and distrust between consumers and performers of gay porn. Actual homosexuals fall for these false narratives that these men tell just to be slapped in the face and the mocked by bisexual (heteronormative) men like Wolf Hudson praising their choices. Then you’ve got these desperate ass females who congratulate and encourage these scenes as well.

    It’s baffling to me that we’ve got truly gay performers who can’t find the recognition for the light of day and then blokes like Colin Simpson can bad mouth gays and call us derogatory names just to comeback and within a week get work and attention.

    Fugly idiots like Riley Mitchel can dance about being gay and married to a man just to star in several films depicting him having explicit oral and vaginal sex with women left and right. Then he uses the excuse of well if there’s G4P why can’t I do it as well.

    The worse would be guys like David Skylar who have the audacity to preach to us how gays should kiss his ass and give him more credit for his G4P work and the fact that he can perform with men despite being “str8”. W in T actual F?!? These three examples run rampant in the gay adult world.

    It’s incredible. I watch every week on these blogs and I’ve noticed that just about all the headlines are geared towards str8, bisexual, G4P or even S4P men and their antics. We only get a slither of actual gay men in the industry. Now we’ve got a new trend of “gay” liars starting to lick and fuck pussy to try to stay in the conversations nowadays. (Just proves they’re not truly gay in the first place). Jake Waters is one of them too.

    Sagat ruined his career before and this is the final nail in the coffin. If he gets a wave of support from gays for this… the disappointment in my community will grow even deeper.

    1. I agree with everything you said it’s going to get worse it is don’t stop they basically is doing gay eraser They probably gonna put bestiality in gay porn next this is getting out of control you know what’s so crazy even gay porn blogs like straight up gay porn , queer me now and the sword isn’t posting Francois sagat new straight porn video they knew that this is going to far at this point and I just heard they are about to get rid of the sex offender label because it a negative term and he’s are from the same people who said that gay and lesbian is negative term because it’s harmful towards bisexual, sexual fluidity, transgenders and non-binary

    2. I don’t think it “proves” they’re not gay. It proves they’re willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to stay relevant in the industry and sexual fluidity is the new fad. Wesley Woods, a guy who also identified as gay for 99% of his career, started doing bisexual porn because it’s the new popular thing to do.

  8. That bald french loser fucked a whore to stay relevant, doesn’t matter his career is over anyway. No one is listing over this bald fuck.

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