If you miss Quin (or Quinn) Quire

Quinn is known for his work at Corbin Fisher that started in 2013 and ended in 2018.

After that, he was known as Quin Quire and mostly had scenes at Next Door Studios before the pandemic started in 2020.


He is the latest update at Say Uncle with his scene with Jax Thirio.


  1. andrew

    Quinn/Quin Quire is a handsome muscular sexy guy and a great performer. In his 5 yrs at CF he was in an almost endless list of hot scenes with other CF greats like Dawson, Connor, Marc, Aiden, Harper, Colt, Trey, Rocky, Kellan, Dave, Rowan, Kent, Beau, Jacob, Tom, and Dane to name a few.

    • Reg

      The irony is that CF used to market their guys as college men and it worked! Dawson was getting on a bit for that premise, but he still put in amazing performances. They’ve rebranded now anyway, so they should have fought to keep their older veterans. Corbin Fisher’s “Life After College” with 30-year old stallions would have been amazing.

      Their “College Dropouts & Skanks” aren’t making for good porn.

    • Ian

      He’s clearly a hot mess who studios should now avoid, but he was a good performer for them, I’ll grant you that. And he brought them Calan, who ended up being one of my favorites – I think it adds a little something to know a performer is actually gay, preserves the illusion that it’s not 100% mercenary.

  2. Bobby G

    One of the best bottoms at Corbin Fisher ever. Dumb mistake on CF’s part. Yep, I miss him.

  3. FieldMedic

    No thank you, after his ‘Covid is good for killing off the weak’ tweet he went from meh to pariah in my books.

    • andrew

      For sure Quinn is a lot prettier on the outside than he is on the inside.

  4. Ty

    Quin is very sexy!

  5. Reid

    He’s a good bottom!

  6. baz

    What in the Cruella De Vil hair hell……..

  7. K61_1921

    He is the best bottom out there. His scene with Trey is the hottest video I ever watched.

  8. Pavel Ford

    Yes, he was a good performer at C.F. The guy always brought energy to his scenes. But he is also THE CLASSIC EXAMPLE of a porn “star” who showed everyone what an asshole he was over social media. He really loves to lecture others. Oh, I happen to know what some of his “real jobs” were over the years and believe me, this guy should lecture No One !
    I am Too Done with him………

  9. Alex

    Fuck this lunatic piece of shit and all her 3 fans.

  10. Chris

    I don’t know much about him, but the handful of scenes I’ve seen him in, he was a good performer. I just saw an…I think 11-man orgy in a bar, where 7 of the men are versatile and just walk around fucking one another and getting fucked, which I like. Two of the 11 just bottom and two just top (Roxas and Chris Damned in full-on badass mode, if you like that kind of thing). Anyway, Quin is in it and fucks and takes dick with aplomb. Kaden Hylls is in it too, and to me there is a very strong resemblance. Kaden has a tattoo on his rear shoulder, and Quin has that streak of blonde in his hair, otherwise I might not be able to tell them apart.

  11. J P

    God he still looks amazing after all this time. I hope he does more studio stuff cuz the camera loves him.

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