12 thoughts on “Max Schutler, Ryan Idol, Bobby Blake & Mitch Branson (Oct. to Dec. 2007)

    1. andrew said it best about max….he was stunning and he enjoyed sex with other men and you could tell it!

  1. Someone like Mason Wyler being now a teacher reminds me Sally Bowles singing:” – You can’t turn vinegar to jam, my Her… ” On the other hand I believe on Bobby Blake. I think he’s sincere and time is here to back his words.

  2. That is the first I’ve heard of Mason Wyler in YEARS. He used to famously pick guys up off the side of the road and was obsessed with “taking loads”, but then contracted HIV from one of those hook-ups, went slightly mad and then ghosted. I’m glad he’s turned his life around, but I wish I knew how he managed to do that in the years between.

      1. -” You have to understand the way I am, my Herr,,, A tiger is a tiger not a lamb, my Herr…You’ll never turn vinegar to jam, my Herr…”

  3. Mitch Branson, I believe started out as a very shaved version of himself on Randy Blue. He must have thought “eff this” and moved on with Colt Studios, where I’m happy to say all the body shaving ceased! I’m still a fan of his and fap often to his “body” of work.

    Isn’t Ryan Idol in jail? Last I heard he was. What a troubled person.

    Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart- I remember rooting for them as a couple. Both were simply beautiful (at least on the outside). I just remember their coupling ending in a pretty messy way.

    1. Ryan attacked his gf with a toilet cover. He is in jail.

      Bradley and Heart broke up. Heart just died.

  4. Branson still gives me an immediate hard-on. If I could jump in the middle of Mitch Branson from 2010 and Colton Ford from 2003, that would be my perfect combo.

  5. When Ryan Idol was first starting out, I saw him do a strip show at the Copa in Fort Lauderdale; he stripped down to a white thong. I never thought he was much of a performer, but in person (and on video, obviously) he was a breath takingly stunningly handsome man.

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