Pax Perry, William Higgins, Adam of Corbin Fisher & Francois Sagat

Two Names On Twitter

It’s common to have more than one porn name like Zander of Corbin Fisher, who is also known as Pax Perry. But, two names on Twitter?

More Gay Men (sent by Bo, reader of this blog)

According to Bo, the latest Wank Party scene at William Higgins had 3 guys who identified as gay in their solos – Taras Valentin, Robert Smola and Michal Stranik.

I asked in 2019, what will be the future of William Higgins after the death of William Higgins – more gay men?

First Time of Adam

Adam of Corbin Fisher is currently leading in a poll as your favorite model for October. He is the latest update on the site with his scene as the top to Jared.


The latest cross over porn star is Francois Sagat [movies].

34 thoughts on “Pax Perry, William Higgins, Adam of Corbin Fisher & Francois Sagat

  1. He’s doing this to get attention i thought François sagat were 200% gay but didn’t shocked me because he been liking naked pictures of women that’s including Nicolett shea, Rebecca Moore and Many other female porn stars on Twitter for a very long time and try to say that he are gay now he jumping on the sexual fluidity bandwagon because being gay isn’t popular any more

    1. Oh yea, I saw this coming as well. He’s into weirder shit too. I saw him like some pics of like 3D animated porn involving animals/creature having sex with humans. Basically a form bestiality but legal because its 3D animated.

      The life of a sex/porn addict is a crazy thing!

  2. And my opinion of Francois is now in the toilet. I honestly thought that in him, we had an actually gay porn star, but no…now he started performing with women. I don’t care if it’s a strap-on or not, it’s still officially straight sex if there’s a woman on the other end of the dildo.

  3. See. You guys are sleeping on Sagat. I knew his ass wasn’t gay for a long time. Remember that he did a form of str8 porn back in 2007. Known for over seven years now. Came across this tidbit on a forum a while ago and there were some grainy pics from the scene circulating.

    Every since then, he’s been on my irrelevance list. He uses the whole artsy excuse to justify his curiosity into weird sexual shit. So we can go ahead and add him to the list. This year it’s been him, Colton Ford, DeAngelo Jackson and Diego Sans who have been dipping their toes into some other porn niches. It’s a no for me.

    Again, “gay” men sleeping with women to try to stay relevant in public or porn is disrespectful, distasteful and just messy as hell. Being a true gay man is as relevant as anything and it’s all you need to do to be you. That’s if you’re a gay men and unfortunately these guys in porn nowadays are sketchy as fuck. They play face knowing their true desires.

    On a better note… WH giving us actual gay models is a true breath of fresh air. Keep them rolling out and I’ll support every time.

    1. This scene was a bisexual threesome and he was getting blown by the female and French kissing her as well. Yet later on he claimed to be 200% gay. Sure Jan.

      1. He did other weird artsy str8 porn film with two other female porn stars known as Jessie Jane And Riley Steele When he was in Australia he lick their vaginas and stuff and people were very upset with him with that he deleted all the videos off the whole entire Internet and he regretted it

    2. Austin Avery too and Kayden Gray, Felix Maze, Johnny Ford, Logan Stevens, Rocco Steele, Dakota Lovell, Ray Diesel… all have dipped their toes into some other porn niches too… All a no for me too. I`m not aware of Diego Sans though, what has he done out of gay porn?

      1. Diego Sans has fucked trans women. You can look it up.

        And I don’t think that list provided is exhaustive sadly!

          1. I’m aware King, but the boobs, make up, long etc….is not gay either. It’s neither straight nor gay. It’s trans porn. A he/she freakshow.

        1. Thanks. I looked it up… def wasnt aware. But since he left Randy Blue to become an exclusive top at Men I lost interest, so Im not too upset.

          The most shocking cases for me so far were Austin Avery, Kayden Gray and Logan Stevens – They actually ate/fucked pussy! I always though they were totally gay, but I guess not…

            1. Austin Wolf is not gay, though. He did an interview several years ago in which he mentioned how proud he is of having husbands pay him to sleep with their wives, and how much he regrets not getting a girl pregnant when he was a teenager. He also mentioned sleeping with his sister’s current husband several times, and claimed that he was outing him because he is a “homophobe”.

              So, this isn’t surprising at all. Hypersexual bi men are not the most stable, as we can see.

    3. I did find anything about Colton Ford either. What has he done out of gay porn? Isn`t he retired from the industry?!

    4. This dude has been pretty irrelevant in gay porn for a while, this pathetic stunt for attention is just sad. But him like many of the other pussy fuckers that claimed to be gay can fuck right off. We don’t choose to be gay like these fuckers are promoting, it’s all self loathing homophobia.

  4. Thank you, Denz, for the Higgins mention. The other guy in the scene, Aleksy Dudeck, was interviewed in English on his solo and was unintelligible–anyone catch if he said he was gay?

    1. Aleksy said he was bi. Thought at first he was in the tradition of ‘old William Higgins’ going just by the pictures of his Erotic Solo, but when actually seeing the clip I saw he is very much ‘new WH’. He came across to me as fully gay and has already had his cherrie busted. I heard rhat the main reason why str8/bi guys in the Czech Republic hardly do any gay porn anymore is ’cause the pay is so low. The fees in str8 porn are much higher, even tho’ the focus is on the women. I learnt this first hand from somebody who’s done it all and has been doing strictly str8 porn during the past 8 years. I think over the past half year or so, the only model up to late Bill Higgins’ street was Bohumir Rakos, who did just a solo.

      1. Keep doing things wrong with Aleksy, gotta correct myself again, in his WH interview he said he was GAY. Sorry.

  5. Why do WH models look miserable? I could’ve sworn I saw a kid that looked like borderline anorexic, that shit is not cool.

    As far as the Sagat story goes, meh, dude has lost his aura a long time ago, however this confirms my idea that the gay side of the industry is really on a downward trend where the money has pretty much gone and that the general environment seems hostile and the “models” are just unhappy and lazy, gay or “straight”.

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