Sage Hardwell with his first scene as the bottom

Sage Hardwell first had scenes released by Gay Hoopla as top to Dustin Hazel, Robbie Valentin & Bruce Beckett. And, he was also the top to Antuan Mills and Canello Ment at Bi Guys Fuck.

He is back at Gay Hoopla for his first scene as the bottom with Jordan Joseph as his top.

The start of the scene made me think that they were pretending to suck each other’s cock due to the placement of the camera. Maybe, it was done because both guys were not hard. One they were hard, you do see them suck a cock but not enthusiastically.

It seemed genuine that Sage was in pain while taking the dick of Joseph.

Eventually, Sage got the hang of it and tried to cum while getting fucked but it didn’t happen. He was interrupted because Joseph had to shoot his load.

5 thoughts on “Sage Hardwell with his first scene as the bottom

  1. Sage is a sexy (the haircut is an improvement), likable guy. I want to see him at a different studio.

  2. “Likable” or not, I’m not interested in watching limp-dicked men who are in obvious discomfort bottoming at any site.

  3. It was sooooo hard to watch I just stop doing it.. those guys were not into it and u can tell..

  4. Actually, by the end of it they were both really into it. It started slow, but it built up nicely. I enjoyed it a lot…

  5. Enough with these limp dicked gay4payers, they’re not even hot nor have big dicks. Social media killed gay porn.

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