Silas Brooks, Cazden Hunter, Collin Simpson, Derek Bolt, Logan Styles & more

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    1. There is nothing that reaches the height of presumption as the sense of entitlement of a straight white man in America.

      The motherfucker wants a medal or a cookie or something for choosing to go into gay porn.

      1. There is nothing that reaches the height of presumption as the sense of entitlement of an anonymous commenter on the internet.

        1. Am I the one asking for credit? Please point it out if I am because all I see is David Skylar asking for it, so what entitlement am I displaying exactly?

  1. Jesse Stone when you’re in the mood for some good dick have no doubt there will be a long line of hot hung guys willing to spread you open and fuck you in your pretty lace.

  2. Oh now Collin Simpson is single again. And here he is wanting to start a family and he chose some chic with kids. Dude just disappear no one wants to hear what you have to say or see you in anymore scenes. DISAPPEAR.

    So Malik is stating he’s never had so many p**sies in one bed, it must have been a lesbian convention in that bed since he is a pussy himself. Don’t brag everyone knows you are g4p and you are straight we know it. Give up the bragging and give up porn all together. Your ego has enlarged your head I bet you have to have your hats specially made since your head above your shoulders is so big and your lower head is so small.

    David Skylar you may “claim” that you stay hard during your scenes and if no one wants to do scenes with you maybe that is a sign to give up the porn business and move on. No one wants to hear you cry bc of this they do sell kleenex for all the tears you are crying, use them for your tears not to clean up after your JO sessions by yourself in your room.

    Jesse Stone you are a good looking guy but you are doing way too many scenes and you are going to burn out your status in the porn industry. And soon you will not want to be seen. As for claiming you are straight and g4p putting on lace like that and wanting someone to top you leaves one to question your straightness. You know how to film your scenes very well with all the moaning you do, But you really need to slow down and take it easy on the scenes you do with the companies you work for. You are putting out way too many scenes. But keep up the good work.

      1. He’s a straight guy who’s into being a ‘sissy’. They’ve become a plague. Autogynephilia is a crazy thing.

    1. I actually feel sorry for him. He’s mentally ill. He could probably profit from in-patient psychiatric treatment.

  3. Collin really needs to be smart a single mother with kids is baggage. Why take care of another man mess? Single moms are are to be avoided! Even I a gay man know that! So many YouTube videos of straight men warning each other to never date a single mom. Remember the baby daddy might still be in picture. He should count his blessings and dump the single mom.

  4. I’ve lost track of this, because as first I thought it was a woman who he got pregnant, because he was banging on about becoming a father…but was this woman actually pregnant by another man, pregnant at all, or was Collin talking about the kids she already had by someone else?

    The possibilities are…he’s abandoned the mother of his own child, or the ready made family he took such responsibility for that he was proclaiming on Twitter. Oh AND he’s back in gay porn. The man is a walking disaster area…

    And Malik…are you seriously suggesting that you’re gay?

  5. Messy. Just messy as hell.

    The Canadian fuck boy factory of mechanically stiff “gay for pay” go go dancer/ porn boys who’s sex skills are worst than watching grass grow or wet paint dry. A MAPLE LEAF MESS.

    This Delgaty boy and his Delgaty co-worker who are products of the Canadian fuck boy factory, wanting to slide a mention of pussy (feline or vaginal) at any opportunity available and the desperate gays who still support that foolishness. A SHAMEFUL MESS.

    David’s validation for his “G4P”-ness. When in reality you’re bisexual b/c no str8 guy sleeps with men in porn or private when actual str8 porn is an option. Mad at the homosexual guys who don’t want to film with him when they find out that he’s full of shit. . A PITY PARTY MESS.

    Colin’s journey of I don’t like gay shit/ I’m bi/ I’m str8/ Call me by my real name/ Don’t call me by my real name/ I quit porn/ I found love/ I’m engaged/ Sub to my OF/ I’m a dad/ I’m going to be a dad again/ I need to comeback to support my lady and babies/ She ain’t shit, Ya boy is single. A DYSFUNCTIONAL MESS.

    Throuples. Period. AN IT’S FUN FOR NOW MESS.

    Ace w/ the face and neck tats coupled with piercings in less than three months. A CALL FOR HELP/ ADDICTED TO THE PARLOR MESS.

    It’s ALL just messy as hell.

  6. I actually surprised a trouple lasted two years. These things don’t usually last that long. So congrats to Derek Bolt. But isn’t someone going to get hurt in the end? Or maybe that’s life. It is indeed interesting three people in a relationship. They make it work. Congrats to them.

    1. Reminds me of Joey D and Johnny V and, was that Luke Adams they added to their relationship?

      1. Clark and Nick Fitt did that as well. They added a trans porn buddy to their relationship. I don’t follow them any longer so I don’t know if it lasted or not. Seemed to me that it was more of Nick who wanted the addition. He claims to be bisexual so… who knows.

  7. Hey Siri, play “Another One Bites the Dust”…

    1. Ehh…been there done that I guess.

      Also let’s take a moment to reflect about this little remark of his on one of his responses:

      “Also, don’t worry everyone.. I will never ever date a girl, I like cum too much”


      I will never date a girl, because they just won’t take my shit.

    2. He’s a lame ass loser. He can exit stage left immediately.

      Why does it feel like these “gay” dudes think they have to slide into a vagina to stay relevant or part of the scene? Never mind I know why… it’s because his ass was never gay in the first damn place. That shit is repulsive behavior to be quite honest.

      There are women out here who I’ve said is beautiful but my gay ass for damn sure isn’t sliding up in between their legs and simultaneously proclaiming that I’d never date them because I love cum too much. Firstly that’s bullshit and second because I’m GAY.

      Ashtin added that last part to save his ass from losing out on some of that homo-laced cash and the replies were of pure support and happiness for him. One reply even saying that no man can resist penetrating a vagina and planting their seed. Like WTF is going on nowadays?!?!

      1. A lot of these porn stars are sex/porn addicts who are obsessed with sexual novelty. Now that ‘pansexuality’ and ‘trans’ rights have supplanted gay rights as the dominant issue in the LGBT community, they’re just being more open about how sex obsessed and compulsive they are. Plenty of straight male porn stars are the same in private (banging trans girls, bisex, cuckold etc) but they have to be more quiet about it because of their audience. Think of someone like Nacho Vidal or Christian XXX. They are both sex addicts on steroids and will fuck everything with a pulse. It’s an industry of Charlie Sheens. The thrill of transgression and perversion is the whole point for a sex/porn addict. That’s why so many of these ‘bi guys’ say they will say that although they will fuck a certain gender, they could love/date them.

        1. Correction: ” say that although they will fuck a certain gender, they could love/date them.”

          I should also note that a certain amount narcissistic trend hopping is also at play.

  8. So La El at Gay Hoopla is saying no to former performers due to things ending badly? Has he seen the quality of his recent models? Maybe mending bridges ain’t a bad idea….

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