Daniel of Sean Cody tweeted last Monday a photo of his friend who now has a fan site.

That friend had a guy behind him – Ajay Laws.

Ajay had solos released by Gay Hoopla and Next Door Studios (as Jordan Roberts – gallery) in 2014.

It was also in 2014 that Ajay/Jordan shared on social media that he was one of the background strippers in the Magic Mike 2 movie.

His IMDB page, the same name he was given by All American Guys, now lists 10+ tv series & short films.

7 thoughts on “Ajay Laws

  1. That is a very vain IMDb page. He’s paid the subscription to have photos, they’re all pretty cheesy and not headshots or stills from films. He’d be better just committing himself to gay porn and throwing his heart, soul and ass into it.

  2. A solo on Gayhoopla but nothing at all on HotGuysFuck or BiGuysFuck?? How often does that happen? There’s only a very few guys on Corbin Fisher who did a solo but nothing more, especially no ACS scene with a girl. I think a leading explanation is they have a girlfriend/wife and either they aren’t allowed to go further than a solo OR they are doing porn secretly but they still don’t want to “cheat”. ACS scenes I’m sure don’t pay anything like gay porn but imagine being straight and turning down getting paid to fuck a chic on camera.

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