Silas Brooks, Angel Rivera, Christian Wilde, Diesel Washington, Skyy Knox, Dallas Steele, Johnny Rapid & more

24 thoughts on “Silas Brooks, Angel Rivera, Christian Wilde, Diesel Washington, Skyy Knox, Dallas Steele, Johnny Rapid & more

    1. All that abuse he’s putting on his body is going to bite him back starting in his 30s. Unnatural Bodybuilders rapidly decline quickly when they age.

      1. If he’s really continuing to work out with a broken arm and wrist and torn elbow ligaments there’s no way he can be doing correct form. When you do stuff like that, your body compensates in other ways to make the movement your brain is telling it to, and you end up with bad repetitive movement patterns and very bad problems down the road. Your body will put up with it for a while, but eventually it’s going to rebel, resulting in chronic pain, mobility problems, you name it.

        I don’t really care about Colin Simpson; I just think it’s dangerous to post something like “I have broken bones and torn ligaments, and I’m still lifting, bro!” for anyone who might think that’s cool.

        1. Which will be compounded with the fact he already has chronic issues before that. Mainly his back because of some genetic condition. Dude going to be legally disabled soon.

  1. Matthew rush Shouldn’t do a come back Because gay porn is so different now they are forcing every openly gay porn stars to sleep with a woman now. So bebe happy in his healthy relationship instead

        1. Nah, I don’t chase cunts Muggy. But when one displays itself out in the open I’ll readily point it out.

            1. Once again, you don’t have haters. No one cares about you enough to hate you. I’m going to suggest that if you believe you have haters you might need to query why they would react that way to you. I’ll give you a hint though, it’s because you’re a cunt.

                1. “Nuts”, apparently you have even less awareness of how my mind works than you do of your own. See Muggy, I call out the creeps, the weirdos, and the fannies here. You fit into one, or all of those groups (it’s all). Then, I move on with my day. You do you. Keep presenting as a nasty, piece of work, it’s no skin off my nose and I’ll go to bed tonight well fed, warm, and probably more sexually satisfied than you.

                  1. You’re claiming you’re unbothered while you rage at me like an impotent loser. You’re hilarious.

  2. It’s hard to understand…Once Dallas Steele shoved a crucifix in the anus of another ” performer ” ( prostitute… ) at a hooker’s award. Then here he is making himself ” a very little Chistmas “…Does he know who is related with Christmas?

  3. I am SO glad that Matthew has turned his life around. It was heart-breaking to see him destroyed by meth.

    And Collin…yet another drama? I’m also a little surprised that you could possibly have a gym injury, when you’re the walking warning against steroids. Oh and no mention of the family this Tweet? I’m guessing you’re just hoping everyone forgets about them, like you have right?

  4. Wow, great seeing Matthew Rush hanging out with Tom Chase! Now those two are top tier porn stars!

  5. I must say I feel happy for Matthew Rush and Tom Chase, they found maybe what they were looking for in their lives and that’s good, on the other hand I see the rest of the tweets and …I couldn’t help but wonder…is this the end of gay porn as we know it? just a bunch of narcissistic, Trumpist, totally lunatic, boring performers who don’t really give us what we expect?

    I agree with a comment above that it is now practically necessary for a man who identifies as gay to have to have sex with a woman or a trans to be viewed as progressive by his peers….

    What Collin and Angel are posting is to the point of the ridiculous and absurd….

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