Ashton Silvers is up next at Military Classified as Kayden

On Twitter, he joined as Ashton Silvers last May.

He was first introduced in 2019 by Corbin Fisher as Kyler.

His latest scene at Corbin Fisher was released 3 weeks ago. Unless it was covered with make-up, it’s an old scene due to the absence of his chest tattoo.

That chest tattoo was already present when his first scene as Ashton Silvers was released by Raunchy Bastards early this year.

Besides Raunchy Bastards, he had scenes released by Frat(ernity) X, Chaos Men, Peep Show, Next Door Studios & Say Uncle.

He is up next at Military Classified as Kayden.

7 thoughts on “Ashton Silvers is up next at Military Classified as Kayden

  1. His talents will be wasted at MC. You have to pretend you are street trade and show an indifference to Gay sex. I like the guys, but Rob is a terrible Director. His movies are designed for what turns him on and not for the “paying public”. Sad.

  2. Kyler has done a lot of hot scenes at CF. He did scenes topping Mitch, Jared and Zander. I think he was best as a bottom especially bottoming for the great Dane and the magical Elian. The scene released today where he bottoms for the Rocky man also looks good.

  3. The ONLY uniquely sexy thing that Military Classified can provide is a guy who can get off from a blowjob. At first this probably doesn’t sound like much but when you consider about 99% of all gay porn features guys either getting off by jerking their own dicks (mostly this) or guys getting off from fucking. Soooo, I don’t like and mostly avoid the scenes on MC where the guy is fucking nasty Rob because he gets naked in those. Ewwwww.

  4. I’m not really particularly a huge fan of this guy but his scene on CF with Elian is kinda hot because, without getting all showy or seeming to be doing it because he’s been told to, Elian kinda quietly tells Kyler what to do and where to go and where to get. Maybe its an authentic moment or maybe it’s just unique but its pretty hot. 99% of “bossy” scenes seem so contrived and rehearsed and they say everything extra loud so the camera’s pick up the audio…Blah.

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