Canelo Ment, Shawn Brooks & Romeo Davis

Canelo Ment, who has filmed gay (Gay Hoopla), bi (Bi Guys Fuck) and str8 (Hot Guys Fuck) scenes since 2020, got married this year to a woman.

Shawn Brooks, who had a scene with Dante Colle a year ago, will be the first solo of Sean Cody for 2022.

Romeo Davis was the unknown top in the first scene of Ridick at Amateur Gay POV.

The tattoos matched if you compare them with Romeo’s latest scene at Fucker Mate.


  1. kevin

    I was wondering what happenned to shawn brooks

  2. DeanD

    Congrats to Canelo Ment! He’s a sexy, greedy bottom with a great ass. I wish he shot more.

  3. andrew

    Shawn Books is a cutie and knows how to perfectly arch his back to show how fuckable is his plump little booty. Hopefully in 2022 some of the guys at SC will give his fine booty the good fuck it deserves.

    • andrew

      Happily hottie Brysen got to tap Shawn’s fine booty.

  4. Brad

    Canelo Ment truly looks a lot like the Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez

  5. Muggy

    Romeo David needs to invest in a chin. The beard can only do so much for his ugly ass.

    • Alex

      And a shower

    • andrew

      Who is Romeo David?

      • Muggy

        A typo is the best you got? Sad

  6. K

    Any more info on Canelo? I mean you said the news was he got married, but any pictures or anything? Does that mean that Canelo is not gonna shoot for GH any more?

  7. Josh

    Anyone else think its kind of creepy/a conflict of interest that the professional studio guys of Gayhoopla/Bi Guys Fuck/Hot Guys Fuck have their own fans sites and sleep with the models they shoot with. I know its porn and not sure what the professional standards are – just strikes as a little off. Certainly a conflict of interest.
    Then they slut shame their talent that chooses to work elsewhere

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