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  1. It’s a good strategy to drive traffic to his amateur content but may anger fans that don’t want to pay for an extra subscription or amateur content that is nowadays mostly on par with studio work but is not always there.

      1. That’s just Muggy. He’s always a cunt. He’s like a puppy chewing the carpet. Initially its kind of cute because you know he doesn’t know any better. Then you try and move him on because he needs to learn he’s wrong. After that you consider if you need to give him a wee smack.

        Nothing really works with Muggy though. He just chews the carpet and shits all over the place. Its still sort off cute if you just accept he’ll never progress and just leave him to his yapping.

      2. Phil, leaving multiple replies to your own posts is thirsty and bizarre. The pseudonyms don’t fool anyone.

        1. Hey fugly, please do not flatter yourself. Believe it e not, there’s a few people who think you are vile an repulsive. I make an appearance once in a while to tell it like it is.

  2. Chris Damned is a handsome guy fully clothed, but when he’s naked all that crazy ink makes him unwatchable for me.

  3. This is just another way for Chris to get people to sub to his OF page and to tell you the truth Steve Q is a lot hotter than he is. His scenes are really BORING the scene with Steve was good but, I was only looking at Steve, Chris is really not that good looking and should really think about going to str8 porn that is if they would accept him on the hetero side. He really is boring to watch and should think about leaving the gay porn bc he is not a good g4p model to watch.

  4. I beg to differ in that Chris is mighty fine to look at and when he get’s fucked I get excited! The tattoos are distracting for sure but he’s got the body, face and assets to make a great porn star and being versatile doesn’t hurt either but to compare amateur video quality to studios is just plain B.S, for the most part amateur videos still suck with crappy lighting and not too many different angels to capture the action.

    1. I think he’s very handsome, beautiful even (agree about the tattoos, though). You’re right that most amateur stuff is not shot well (Chris’s amateur content is pretty badly shot, for instance), but there are a few that rival the studios.

      Someone told me who Rhyheim’s videographer is, but I can’t find it now. His stuff is shot even better than studio porn; that guy really knows where to put the camera and how to move around; the lighting is perfect (compare it with RFC where there’s apparently not a light bulb budget). Adam Russo, Ryan Carter and Digger, those are a couple more I can think of who are very conscientious about their camerawork; they know what guys want to see.

      1. Rhyheim’s content is produced by EyeFilmz. You cannot find them because their twitter account (@EyeFilmz) was hit by the same campaign that suspended Rhyheim’s original account. I say “campaign” because it was coordinated to take down Rhyheim’s major social media platforms as well as associated performers. Scenes by EyeFilmz are professionally shot and shows fansite content isn’t synonymous with performer-produced.

        I like RFC’s style; the content shot by and for the major channel. The low-lit scenes captures the old sex club and dungeon feel and the fucking is hot.

      2. Uh, there’s a big part of Rhyheim’s content produced by EyeFilmz that is great and professional but after you’ve watched dozens of them, dozens of times, you’ll notice how sometimes the camera is moving around too much and in unnatural ways and is going down the road of being like a roller coaster ride, up, down, back, forth…you start to get queezy and wish he’d just calm down.

        As for Rhyheim himself, again, I think people in the beginning watching him are all oh wow, this dude is perfect, yadda, yadda, yadda, until you get sick of all the smoking and the smoke billowing around and him fucking about 90% of the time, with only half his dick and I get how he’s all slow and sensual but after 2 hours of watching him in bed with someone going 10 miles per hour, I’d rather some variation and some hard fucking….some pounding. Whatever…I’m kinda over him.

        1. Rhyheim is boring and I can understand the appeal white gay guys like him because he has a big black cock. Yet to me Rhyheim comes across as an asshole. He comes across as a very mean nasty guy. There is a video with Michael Boston and Rhyheim is mean to him very degrading a real turn off. The drug use is unattractive as well. He only got popular when he paid the white porn models to have sex with him. When Rhyheim was just fucking black guys he had a niche market.

  5. He did actually start as a bottom. Before the tattoos got a bit much, he was a versatile power bottom…but then he switched to being a full-time top. If you scroll back on his Twitter (unless he deleted them) you can see for yourself. I was honestly excited to see him, because I thought we had an actually gay, gay porn star who loved himself a bit of dick…but then it was just topping and women and trans and he’s seemed all over the place. I’m not quite sure why he’s bottoming now, but maybe it’s because people are tired of his over-exposure and he doesn’t feel he’s got any choice. It’s either bottom, or not work in porn anymore.

    1. This ^ . When he first started, doing amateur stuff, I really liked him. The ink is regrettable; I think he said in a tweet that he was addicted to it; the face tattoo, blerg.

      But he was enthusiastic about bottoming (remember, before they got into it over COVID, he wanted Dallas Steele to fuck him). And then he started doing studio porn, and I might be wrong, but it seems like at first he was paired with a series of pretty scroungy-looking twinks as the big bad top. And that put me off him because you know that’s not who he is; it’s not genuine.

      If it’s his strategy, as FieldMedic says above, to bottom only in his amateur content to drive traffic there, good for him for being savvy about his income. But I don’t like it; it makes me not like his studio scenes ’cause I’m thinking, dude, you love to get fucked; they’re acting like you’re Jeff Stryker..

  6. The ink is out of control, and makes him look like he has meth issues. That is massive turn-off. But there are some scenes where he looks like an incredibly sensual lover. And his face is absolutely beautiful.

  7. I think Chris is awesome..I can look beyond the tattoos because when he does bottom…he is an awesome bottom…if he choses to top only in studio porn…that is his choice..but to diss him because of what he does to his body..kinda weird…he is a good looking gay man with tats who chooses to bottom and top when and where he likes..and I like watching him doing both!

  8. His bottom scene with Christian Wilde was simply magic…can’t stand the face tattoo but all his other ink really turns me on…

  9. I find Chris to be very sexy, but these OF scenes are always so static. The guys mostly just set a camera or two on a nightstand at a hotel room and it only gets one far-away angle. Just force once I’d like a cameraman to get in there and show Chris’s hole really being pounded.

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