Daddy Mugs, Bobby Clark, Ty Roberts, Logan McCree, Kirk Cummings … (Nov. to Dec. 2008)

Daddy Mugs, now offline but available on AEBN, was launched early that year.

Will of Corbin Fisher was guy #3 in Audtions 19 at Sean Cody and Will Vega of Randy Blue.

Bobby Clark with his first scene as the bottom via Cocky Boys with MJ as his top.

Ty Roberts for Titan Men – this is him now and still in gay porn.

Logan McCree & Vinnie D’Angelo met on the set of Falcon Studios for Drifter and fell in love.

Mattus Reinhardt and Jurgen Reinhardt were supposedly brothers paired in a scene by William Higginsanother case of the made up brothers?

Ricky Sinz [movies] also did str8 porn.

Lovers Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric were paired for the first time in Malibu Heat from Falcon Studios.

Kelly of Corbin Fisher was Kelly Hayes of Randy Blue.

Cocksure Men on the first scene of Pat Bateman as the bottomPat tried to bottom for the orgy scene.. but it didn’t really… work out… I’ve got a little interview footage that I’ll post later where he talks about it. He got the dick about halfway up his ass but it was a pretty gentle fucking he got.

Jude (2006) of Sean Cody was now known as Ethan Rock.

Kirk Cummings [movies] auditioned for American Idol.

3 thoughts on “Daddy Mugs, Bobby Clark, Ty Roberts, Logan McCree, Kirk Cummings … (Nov. to Dec. 2008)

  1. “Logan McCree” is basically a gay-convert. He now only dates women, denounces not just pornography but a gay lifestyle and the things he posts on Facebook are pretty sick.

    Obviously over the years, some gay porn stars have continued instead with “straight lives”…Caesar etc, but McCree is aggressively against homosexuality.

    1. I was fond of Vinnie D’Angelo and remember they hooked up. And despite his tattoos, I found their scenes together all right, both really into each other.

      Flash forward to the ’20s and I do a search. What’s this? “Ex-gay Logan McCree” is now straight after “having sex with a woman in 2010, and it felt right” despite 13 years of gay sex and relationships. He’s now a right-wing nut who’s actively anti-LGBTQ and anti-women (he’s a men’s activist, whatever that is). This year, he even ran for office in Scottish Parliament under a party with similar leanings. Good thing he didn’t win.

  2. Logan McCree was ahead of his time. The industry is now full of converts. Some of them are even retweeting accounts that eroticize conversion therapy without any push back from fans or the industry. It’s amazing what a few years will do.

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