Then & now on Damien Stone, Bruce Sheppard & Troy Daniels

Damien Stone this year at Next Door Taboo.

Damien with his latest tweet.

Bruce Sheppard at Hot Guys Fuck and as Jude at Corbin Fisher in 2018

Bruce aka Jude as Timothy Champagne [Timmy Flex on live cam] this week.

Troy Daniels at Men in 2013 & 2018.

Troy with his latest tweet.


  1. andrew

    By whatever name: Bruce, Timothy or Jude he’s a 6’4″ 200 lb handsome hung hottie. He didn’t stay long at CF but in less than a month that hung 18 year old nailed Wesley/Elliot Finn, Dane and Elian. In his scene bottoming for Jude the magical Elian was one noisy bottom.

  2. Charles, Prince Of Wales

    I think the only one who catches my attention at this point is Timothy Champagne the others are the same walking blackboards who fucked up their once nice bodies with hideous tattoos.

  3. HJ

    Timothy Champagne is molten hot. The others? Vandalized.

  4. g4psux

    Timothy has come along way – he was one of those gay sex disgusts me g4pers until he got a boyfriend and now he is GAY GAY GAY….

    • Axtl

      He is still g4p. lol. He had a (broke) sugar daddy, lol.

    • bi and straight guys do not belong in gay porn

      He is straight and still g4p, he’s currently dating a chick. (Ace his supposed ex said he broke up w him and then started dating her, his highschool female ex said he it’s funny he was trying to do gay porn when he himself was homophobic back in then, he had sugar daddies and didn’t want to give sugar bc he himself said he wasn’t into guys) as good as he might be, Y’all need to stop giving any credit to heteros in gay porn.

      • andrew

        Liar liar pants on fire!!!

      • Jakeyyy

        Sounds like a classic closet case to me. lol. Anyone who has seen him have gay se can see Dude clearly is into men/dick. Plenty of bisexuals have internalized homophobia so nothing you said about him is exactly newsworthy or unique

  5. BraoNz

    I was hoping this article was about Timothy Champagne a.k.a Jude and long awaited return to Corbin Fisher.The sexual attraction between Jude and Elian was off the charts in that scene from which this screen grab is from and Jude is still one of the best scene partners Elain has had which is something considering it was the first gay scene ever for Timothy Champagne. I subscribe to his YouTube channel as well and he has been honest about his past as a stripper and a “sugar baby” and how his relationship with his former possessive sugar daddy ended, his sexuality, his family and how he got started in porn is just some of the other topics he has talked about as well.

  6. BraoZ

    One of Elian’s hottest bottoming scenes ever with him whimpering and moaning loudly and telling Jude how much he loves that dick of his, while Jude tells Elian how he loves fucking that ass of his. I wish we would see more of that verbal play in gay porn with tops telling their noisy bottoms how they love fucking that ass of theirs and bottoms telling their tops how much they love that dick they are getting. I wish Timothy Champagne would return to Corbin Fisher for a few more scenes as all his scenes with partners while his stay with CF was brief were all hot scenes nonetheless. But he is making more money on OF now than what he made on CF and GayHoopla/HotGuysFuck and it will take a great offer for him to return to CF and I think he would be up for it as it would benefit his social media accounts which would increase his OF subscribers.

  7. Jasentylar

    This Jude/Timothy guy is a hot mess. A stud sure, but mentally stagnant. I’ve listened to some of his chat sessions on YouTube. Awful and cringe-inducing.

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