Did not happen in the actual video

Stag Collective with another scene that had photos of a guy as the bottom but only topped in the actual video.

The first one was the pair-up of Tyler James & Chris White that had photos of Tyler as the bottom that did not happen in the actual video or mentioned in the scene description.

Tyler James welcomes nervous newbie Chris White to Stag by offering up his dick. Initially, Tyler was going to take it, but when he saw Chris's ass, he knew he had to top him. The chemistry is on fire as they fuck like they have lost time to make up for.

The second one was released this week with the pair-up of Jesse Stone & Benji Hart that had photos of Benji as the bottom that did not happen in the actual video.

4 thoughts on “Did not happen in the actual video

  1. IT was the same with the Active Duty 3 way with Brandon , Niko & Hugo. The scene photo set showed Brandon being man in the middle in a fuck scene. You could tell from the actual film that this sequence was starting to form but it never made the final cut.

  2. I’ve seen this a few times over the years: promo shots of positions and setups that aren’t in the actual scene. It’s false advertising full-stop. The only time it really pissed me off was in a Men scene where Rocco Reed was riding Castro in a jail cell. And to me that’s just a waste. If you film it, release it. But don’t advertise it and then don’t use it.

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