Finn Harding & Benjamin Blue

The 16th scene as the top for Finn Harding at Men paired him with Benjamin Blue, who got fucked in 10 out of his 11 scenes on the site.

Horny Finn Harding is fucking a toy ass on the couch when he hears moaning from his roommate's room. He peeks inside to see cute twink Benjamin Blue face down ass up, jacking his cock with one hand while penetrating himself with a dildo with the other! Finn helps his horny bud out by replacing the toy with his big dick. Benjamin thanks Finn with a blowjob, then rides the top hard. Finn strokes the bottom's cock as he pounds him in missionary till Benjamin orgasms, then fills his hole with cum.

7 thoughts on “Finn Harding & Benjamin Blue

  1. Beautiful bubble butt bottom boy Benjamin Blue and the oh so fine Finn man are perfect together.

  2. Isn’t his dick usually flat? Who was the old timey pornagrapher who always used to say, “get it up and get it off”? If a guy can’t get hard and can’t come, who cares what they look like? The only way such limited action works is if the guy is famous…you know, like Nick Jonas or Shawn Mendes.

  3. There’s two reasons why this scene is a flop and why Finn consistently has to rely on fake cum shots….

    His scene partners doesn’t have a vagina and his scene partners aren’t having sex with a vagina with him. Finn is overrated and has been for a while. He falls right into the whole Delgaty realm. Canadian, hetero leaning, one note, bland dudes who sloth their way through these gay sex scenes and think that fast paced jackhammering is their go to for impressiveness.

    I say hetero leaning b/c I’m still one of the ones who believes that actual str8 men wouldn’t want to fuck another male. They damn sure wouldn’t do it on the internet for porn.

    Instead of investing their time and money into quality performers, these studios rely on these type of uninspiring guys. Hasn’t Reno Gold taught us that muscles and looks can equate snooze worthiness. Throw that cash to a gay performer who really would enjoy themselves and produce quality sex scenes.

  4. Has Finn ever sucked cock on screen? Appears in a lot of OF and JFF as well with gay guys but is still one of the most beautiful but wasteful g4p recently.

  5. Finn and the Delgaty “brothers” should try their luck doing straight porn. They SUCK at gay porn. They can’t even get hard most of them time. It’s just so annoying in this day and age we still have to put up with these G4P Ken dolls. There are more than enough hot GAY or BI guys out there so we do NOT need straight guys in gay porn anymore. STOP IT!

  6. Harding is cute, but his performances are dull and he’s overexposed. The other guy never been suited for porn.

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