If you miss Hawk McAllister (tip @ Bo)

Hawk McAllister for Falcon Studios (1997)

Hawk McAllister for Hot Older Male (2021)

From Bo “He was known as Hawk McAllister and Dillon McFate when he started in the business in 1995 and was one of the first to go bareback and eat cum starting with Hot Desert Knights. He seems to have made his last stop at Pantheon in 2008 (Hot Older Men) and in 2014 he appeared in a Dick Wadd spinoff Rough and Rough with Dusty Williams, and disappeared. He’s back at Pantheon now in a scene with Mack Austin from Daddies in Heat and damn if he doesn’t look terrific and except for the grey hair hasn’t aged a bit. Hope he sticks around.

18 thoughts on “If you miss Hawk McAllister (tip @ Bo)

  1. I’ve often thought it would be hot for sites to bring back their alumni for reunions. But this site’s concept is great, too, especially if it focuses on casting porn stars of the past. Even 10 years can make a big difference, and I’d bet that there would be a lot of interest in seeing how guys who quit the business at 30 look at 40. Some might be virtually unchanged while others would have gained weight and gone bald, but I bet that all would be hot in their own ways, especially to their loyal fans.

    1. Oh wow, liking someone who’s not a sex offender? That’s a new one for you, Phil! And also, actually commenting on the subject and not just lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on what someone else has to say?

      1. Is this guy not a sex offender? Oh you’ve put me right off him now…
        Stop being more stupid and irritating than usual Reg. The key difference between you and I is that I don’t obsess over ever facet of these guys lives, and act personally affronted when one of them talks about fucking a woman or whatever.
        Shouldn’t you be off looking for a post about Dante Colle (not a sex offender, to my knowledge) so you can scream about him being in a circle of evil?

  2. He looks fantastic he has aged which is normal. He is fit and trim. He’s hot takes care of himself.

  3. Yeah and somebody else just shared an interview with Tom Chase check it https://www.cybersocket.com/news-gossip/catching-up-with-the-legendary-tom-chase-as-he-talks-the-golden-age-of-porn-embracing-his-bottom-side-more/

    1. Tom Chase is one of my favorite porn stars, to this day. I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Old men in porn and their cockrings. Tell me, since I’m not into matures, is it just accepted that if you like guys over the age of 40 they will have soft, floppy dicks which they can’t get hard no matter how many times they twist their nipples?

    Since I’m very old, I would be interested in interviews with hot guys from the 80’s and 90’s but I sure as hell don’t need to see them naked and trying to fuck NOW.

    1. You are “very old” but you think anybody over the age of 40 is too old? Hating yourself must really suck.

      You probably never get laid because if you did then you would know that plenty of younger men wear cock rings also.

      1. So, the logic you extend says that everyone must be attracted to the type they personally are in? There are plenty of guys who are not their own type, right? Young who like older, older who like younger, thin who like bigger, white who like black, and on and on and on. Do try to keep up with the rest of us or just keep quiet and listen.

        Young guys rarely wear cockrings IN PORN. Mostly because it appears they need them as a device because they can’t get hard. I’ve seen tens of thousands of scenes a million times because I’m old and, you there, please tell me where are all the scenes with young guys wearing cockrings? I don’t care what people do in their private lives…I only care what I see on my screen, which is porn, the thing we’re talking about on here.

    2. I love comments from guys like you because I can see your older years are going to be torturous hell, and that makes me laugh.

      Thanks for the laughs! You’re going to be young for 5 minutes and old for the rest, bro.

      And that is just fucking kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic.

      1. Go play in the street, BRO! Normally I would offer up something of substance but after careful consideration, you didn’t say anything of value. Sod off.

    3. What?!! Cockrings are hot! Especially on a beautiful hard cock a cock ring just elevates is 10X more!

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