Jeffrey Lloyd in 2016 at William Higgins as Milos Ovcacek.

Jeffrey at Lucas Entertainment this year.

Jeffrey’s latest photo shared on Twitter.

Teddy Bryce [gallery 01, gallery 02, gallery 03 & gallery 04] for Fisting Central.

Teddy Bryce now.

11 thoughts on “Jeffrey Lloyd & Teddy Bryce

  1. What the hell is going on here??? Split tongues, tat addictions and me scratching my head till my follicles fall out. Damn sis, the tongue modification has s just something I’m not prepared to know or see.

  2. Those guys…if only they’d left themselves alone. I swear that all these extreme tattoos and body modifications, which are guaranteed to look awful by anyone’s standards, are just cases of body dysmorphia.

    1. When they get older… those choices are going to be rough to handle. I have many friends who back in the early 00s and in our high schools days, they did the whole earlobe gaping trend and now they’ve had surgical procedures and everything to reverse their choices. They hated the whole saggy ear loop that was the aftermath.

      As these men get older, those piercings and splittings and modifications may come back to haunt them. Nerve damage, skin diseases. Who knows?? I’m not saying that they shouldn’t do what they want. It’s their choice but you’ve gotta think about the overall picture and the future risks. I believe Teddy flew to Sweden to have this done.

  3. Jeffrey came out early in his career and has made himself a super star by being versatile and very, very piggish. He does seem to have become less active, however, He did a very good interview with Frankfort Stories producer Nick Mazzaro on YouTube maybe last year, hope this link works.

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