Jesse Santana, David Taylor, Will Mason, Todd, Maxx Diesel, Kurt Wilde, Aaron James, Matt Hughes, Ryan Raz & Josh (Jan. 2009)

Jesse Santana, one of the US based porn stars who filmed for Belami Onlne, had a scene released with Luke Hamill – a collaboration with Cocky Boys.

Jesse first appeared in 2005 for Heartland Boys #3 before he was introduced by Corbin Fisher as Jesse in 2006.

David Taylor [movies], who has added tattoos while in gay porn, has been working as a Hollywood actor since 2004 where his latest was a lead in a 2018 movie.

Pat Bateman [movies] & Rusty Stevens [movies] were in demand.

Will Mason of English Lads was Brenden Sharpe of Jake Cruise.

Todd of Corbin Fisher was introduced as Zane by Chaos Men, who later returned in 2017.

Maxx Diesel [movies] as Christian in str8 porn for sites like Naughty America.

Kurt Wilde [movies] & Aaron James of College Dudes guested on the Tyra Banks Show.

Kurt shared his thoughts on the show on his now deleted Yahoo Group after he explained why he was mad at his agent.

[re agent] I can and wil legally say this. I just spoke with threat and dislike, with my EX PORN AGENT @ fabcount. I am supposed to forget money I  earn on my job for fabscout to take from fututr work... because I had  to move unexpectadly & within that choose between electrity and water or my family or PORN.. or them right? I admit that I was set up weeks  before, as far as porn goes. My family should go wthout everything and ME or make fabscout and a club happy? Honest, legal truth, I was contacted about that AGAIN. Then asked of AN ANONYMOUS COMPANY TO PAY FASBCOUT MONEY OUT OF MY CHECK AFTERWARDS.. ...TRUTH. Fabscout, you must not care as an ex agent, do you? I call you, and you lie. Is that not true? I offered and you lied. I have a family and you have, a lawyer. Come get some.

[re Tyra Banks Show] I tried to be honest, and did just that. Thank you for that honor! To stand up for my brothers and show love in front of them all. I did my best as an honst love. Thank you~ I want to show safer sex and love, that's it. Fabscout can leave us all alone. Lawyers, dare me to press.

Matt Hughes (Danny D of str8 porn for sites like Brazzers) sucked cock (not his first) at UK Naked Men.

Ryan Raz [movies] shared on his now deleted Yahoo Group that he was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

My surgery and everything went very smooth and just as well as can be expected. Everything got taken care of and I am all better now, besides for the fact that I had to go to the pharmacy today and buy female products for my ass. My pain is VERY minimal as of right now and it looks like I will recover just fine. I am back to my normal routine tomorrow, just may get from place to place a little slower. Thanks for all of your concerns and thoughts. My email was packed today, and if you didn't email me why not?

Josh of Corbin Fisher was introduced.

19 thoughts on “Jesse Santana, David Taylor, Will Mason, Todd, Maxx Diesel, Kurt Wilde, Aaron James, Matt Hughes, Ryan Raz & Josh (Jan. 2009)

  1. David Taylor: A 6’4″ beautiful muscular top man. One of this 5’6″ muscular bottom’s fantasy dream dates.

    1. You’re a 5 foot 6 inch muscular bottom? Gross. No one cares what you look like or what you do in bed. You know there’s dozens of other sites with guys who DO CARE?

    1. and got a rimjob on Blakemason. Matt had a nice bubble butt, overshadowed by his most prolific asset.

  2. David Taylor and Christian XXX were hot. That said, Christian is a complete lunatic. He’ll literally fuck anything with a pulse and I mean ANYTHING. It’s bizarre.

  3. Mmm mm, Pat Bateman and Kurt Wild were great bottoms! My favorite bottoming scenes are Pat & Luka and Kurt & Trevor Knight.

    1. Ah, rumours of closeted sexy Hollywood leading men: a tale as old as…well, Hollywood. If only there was proof!

      1. That was all theatrics. He’s a voracious bottom and with dat ass I’m thankful. He did a scene under an alias and he wasn’t squirming anymore.

  4. jesse santana was/ is so hot…one of the hottest gay men I have seen in gay porn…maxx diesel is one of the most completely sexual beings I have seen in porn…and that makes some people uncomfortable

    1. Maxx Diesel is sexually compulsive. Stop trying to pretend like its something else so you can put a positive spin on it. He’s also miserable person in real life with a terrible reputation in the industry because he’s such a jerk.

  5. 1) Did David Taylor ever bottom? I’ve only seen him top. 2)I first saw Christian in strapon scenes. Thought he was hot. Love watching him get fucked. Found out he only did a few gay scenes. He used to have an ad on rentboy said he was “bisexual”. But I think he says str8 now. And he is a bit looney. LOL

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