Nash, Troy Gabriel, Blake Riley, Chad Hunt, Zeb Atlas, Leo Giamani, Mason Wyler, Jason Crew & Adam Campbell (Aug. to Oct. 2008)

Nash & Cal were dismissed from the wrestling team for their work at Fratmen.

Troy Gabiel of College Dudes crossed over to str8 porn as Seth Gamble.

Blake Riley in a bisexual scene for Shifting Gears.

Chad Hunt with his (only?) scene as the bottom in End Game.

Zeb Atlas sucked cock and fucked a guy for the first time in Wedding Party for Falcon Studios.

Controversial back then, the in demand Leo Giamani with his first bareback scene with David Taylor as his top.

Chaos Men, sold this 2021, went bareback.

Mason Wyler wrote an article (now deleted) in 2006 about his alleged rape with an army captain and published it on his blog in 2008 since no newspaper was willing to publish his story.

The adult film star was also forced to take off all his clothes and perform oral sex on the Army Captain. Eventually Wyler was immobilized, gagged, and blindfolded with belts and duct tape. Through out the whole ordeal Vanarro supposedly sodomized the victim repeatedly with a broom stick, anally and orally raped the victim while strangling him with a power cord, made the 24-year old drink urine, and brutally beat him.
The crime is real, but the report I wrote myself, no actual newspapers have written anything about it and I figured with me being a "whore" and all and the rapist being an army captain who has served in Iraq, that if any actual journalist did a story on it that it would be pretty biased against me and that is why I wrote the report in such a manner. Of course my name and my attackers name won't be revealed to the public at this time.

Jason Crew showed he can fuck himself for Hot House.

Adam Campbell of College Dudes as Jonathan for Corbin Fisher.

11 thoughts on “Nash, Troy Gabriel, Blake Riley, Chad Hunt, Zeb Atlas, Leo Giamani, Mason Wyler, Jason Crew & Adam Campbell (Aug. to Oct. 2008)

  1. This does indeed take me back! Reminds me of how hot so many Fratmen guys were and how I LONGED for them to do more than their solo scenes, but it was good enough. And rarely did they ever choose a model who didn’t have a hot ass!

    1. I vaguely remember reading something, can’t remember where, that he had health issues and one of the reasons he got into the business was to make money for medical bills. I hope he’s okay, he is still one of my all-time favorites! ? His work at NDS was okay, but Chaos remains his best.

  2. Leo Giamani, good lord: tall, dark and handsome, big dick, beautiful body—and sooooo bad at the gay sex. Always looked like a deer in the headlights (granted, a hot deer). On Randy Blue, in the intro he’d say something like “we’re gonna have some fun today,” and then what proceeded looked like anything but.

    Jason Crew was a favorite, so cute, beautiful eyes, good performer.

    1. You can find Mason Wyler on Twitter now. He drastically changed his build. Decided for the bear roid look now. He posts shirtless, nudes and erotic stuff but he’s not doing porn or OnlyFans or any of that sort.

      Zeb Atlas and Leo Giamani were crushes. The guys simply had “it” back then. An aura of some sort. Lovey muscle builds, no tattoos. It’s just a shame that period was the peak of g4p and the reason why it has ran away to ridiculousness today. If only someone said something back then…

      1. How does mason look…with all the unsafe sex he did in the past…I am surprised he is still around… I am glad…thought he was sexy….chad

  3. Ah yes, the good old days: so many hot looking guys with NO TATTOOS. Guys these days haven’t got a clue as to what makes a guy really hot.

  4. Chad Hunt is GORGEOUS! Seth Gamble is a looker (okok his dick is tiny but he has nice tits and a handsome face), but too bad he’s only doing hetero porn,.

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